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Who's who in the Department of Media and Communications

Academic staff

Omar Al-Ghazzi

Dr Omar Al-Ghazzi
Assistant Professor

Interests and expertise: global communication and comparative journalism; digital activism; collective memory; Middle East and North Africa


Dr Nick Anstead
Assistant Professor

Interests and expertise: campaigning; citizenship; eCampaigning; ePolitics; elections; internet; new media; political participation; political parties


Dr Shakuntala Banaji
Associate Professor | Director of Graduate Studies

Interests and expertise: Bollywood; Hindi cinema; South Asia; audiences; children; young people; creativity; film studies; media education; media literacy; youth civic participation; online participation; political contexts;

Charlie Beckett T3

Professor Charlie Beckett 
Director of Polis, the Media Policy Project and the LSE Commission on Truth, Trust & Technology

Interests and expertise: African media; American media; American politics; blogging; development; governance; international media; internet; journalism; new media; newspapers; online media; politics; radio; television


Dr Bart Cammaerts
Associate Professor

Interests and expertise: access; alternative media; democracy; participation; power; public sphere; social change and resistance; trans-nationalisation


Professor Lilie Chouliaraki
Chair in Media & Communications

Interests and expertise: corporate communication and branding; humanitarian communication; media ethics; public sphere and civil action; media representations of suffering and violence


Professor Nick Couldry 
Professor of Media, Communications & Social Theory

Interests and expertise: celebrity culture; media and journalism ethics; media audiences; media power; reality media; social theory; sociology of culture; voice and listening

Jelena Dzakula

Dr Jelena Dzakula
LSE Fellow

Interests and expertise: communications policy and regulation; citizenship; technological innovations; digital government


Dr Lee Edwards
Associate Professor

Interests and expertise: social; cultural and civic uses and effects of public relations; diversity; ‘race’; inequality and public relations; the sociology of public relations as a professional field; young people; public relations; voice and recognition 


Dr Seeta Peña Gangadharan
Assistant Professor

Interests and expertise: communication rights and  technologies; data profiling; surveillance; privacy; data and discrimination;  democratic communication; digital inclusion; media justice; public participation in comms/tech policy

Myria 2017

Dr Myria Georgiou
Associate Professor

Interests and expertise: audience research; diaspora; migration and the media; identity and the media; media and the city; transnational communities and networks 


Dr Ellen Helsper
Associate Professor

Interests and expertise: digital exclusion; information and communication technologies (ICTs); internet; interpersonal mediated communication; media and everyday life

R Leyva

Dr Rodolfo Leyva
LSE Fellow

Interests and expertise: media culture and neoliberalism; new media and political participation; media psychology and neuroscience; quantitative and experimental methods in media and communications research


Professor Sonia Livingstone OBE
Professor of Social Psychology

Interests and expertise: media and everyday life; media audiences; children and digital media; media literacy; children’s rights in the digital environment; mediated participation; online risks, privacy and safety; media regulation in the public interest


Professor Robin Mansell
Professor of New Media & the Internet | Head of Department

Interests and expertise: audiovisual policy; communication technologies; internet governance; new media; telecommunications policy 

Bingchun Meng

Dr Bingchun Meng 
Associate Professor

Interests and expertise: Chinese media in a globalising era; copyright law and communication; ICT and development; political economy of media and information industries 


Dr Shani Orgad
Associate Professor

Interests and expertise: gender and media; globalisation; health communication; internet; media representations; mobile television; narrative; research methods


Dr Jean-Christophe Plantin
Assistant Professor

Interests and expertise: digital maps; public participation and activism; big data; scientific infrastructures and interdisciplinarity; politics of data science


Dr Alison Powell
Assistant Professor

Interests and expertise: technological citizenship; ethics and values in technology design; 'smart cities'; algorithmic culture; transparency and accountability of algorithmic systems; tech culture; hacker culture; tech activism 


Professor Terhi Rantanen 
Professor of Global Media & Communications

Interests and expertise: global media; globalisation; media and democracy; media history; news; transitional media 


Dr Damian Tambini
Associate Professor

Interests and expertise: broadcasting; regulation; telecommunications; public sphere; freedom of speech; intellectual property; the commons 

Wendy Willems

Dr Wendy Willems 
Assistant Professor

Interests and expertise: mediated encounters; civic agency and resistance; global digital culture; mobile information technology; postcolonialism; popular culture and performance; social media 


Dr Rafal Zaborowski
LSE Fellow

Interests and expertise: media audiences; participation and interpretation; East Asian and Japanese media; popular culture and society; music; sound; qualitative methods in cultural studies

Professional services staff


Catherine Bennett
Department Manager

Responsible for overseeing strategy in relation to Departmental financial, spatial and human resources.

James Deeley

James Deeley
Departmental Research Manager

Responsible for managing all Departmental research, including doctoral research and knowledge exchange and impact activities.

Michael Etheridge

Michael Etheridge
Events and Special Projects Manager

Responsible for managing delivery of all Departmental events and special projects, including student experience.

Nicole Garnier

Nicole Garnier
MSc Programmes Manager (Teaching Delivery)

Responsible for managing delivery of all MSc teaching and alumni relations.

Sylvia Ibezi 2

Sylvia Ibezi
MSc Programmes Manager (Regulations & Assessment)

Responsible for coordinating programme regulations, assessment, exams and the exam board.


Lwam Tesfay
Departmental Administrator

Responsible for coordinating MSc admissions and general Departmental enquiries.


Julia Ziemer
Polis Manager

Responsible for management of all activities relating to Polis, as well as the Department's visiting fellows scheme.

Visiting and associate staff

Bermal Aydin

Bermal Aydin

Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: media governance; media citizenship; communication law; communication contexts


Dr Savita Bailur
Guest Lecturer

Interests and expertisemulti-disciplinary approaches to ICTs and development


Dr Alicia Blum-Ross
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertiseyouth and community media, ethnographic research including visual, virtual and creative methods; citizenship and civic participation, media and critical literacy, participatory design and community innovation

Bruno Campanella

Dr Bruno Campanella
Visiting Fellow, Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF)

Interests and expertise: media practices between celebrity and their followers and fans 


John Carr OBE
Visiting Fellow, UK Council for Child Internet Safety

Interests and expertiseyouth and the internet; digital technologies and children


Dr Helena Chmielewska-Szlajfer
Visiting Fellow, Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego

Interests and expertise: political communication; journalism; political commentary

Gunn Enli

Dr Gunn Enli
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: media policy, election campaigns, image building, mediated authenticity, media trust, social media. 

kirsten drotner

Professor Kirsten Drotner
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: reception theory; audience studies; children, creativity and digital culture; media histories.

Alex Free

Dr Alex Free
Guest Teacher

Interests and expertise: communications labour; service sector work; business process outsourcing (BPO); experiences of work; workplace power relations; Kenya; Africa; wellbeing; international development; Michel Foucault


Dr Manuel Goyanes
Visiting Fellow, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Interests and expertise: media management; journalism; sociology of knowledge; sociology of communication sciences


Dr Alexander Grous
Visiting Fellow and Guest Teacher

Interests and expertise: DRM; ERP; P2P; aerospace; betting and gaming; broadcasting; e-commerce; franchising; information systems; internet; mobile and satellite telecommunications; new media; software

David Henriques

Dr David Henriques
Visiting Fellow, Ofcom

Interests and expertiseeconomic analysis of media policy; media and communications services


Dr Monica Horten
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: internet governance; telecommunications policy; privacy; copyright; freedom of expression


Atte Jääskeläinen
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: Media systems; future of news; digital disruption


Professor Jim Macnamara
Visiting Professor, University of Technology Sydney

Interests and expertisepublic communication; social media; public relations; organisational listening; journalism


Dr Rahoul Masrani
Visiting Fellow and Guest Teacher

Interests and expertise: global cities, cinema, media power, identity construction, power and society, London in cinema


Dr Torgeir Naerland
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: Culture, citizenship, democratic theory, audiences, music, broadcasting policy


Claire Milne
Senior Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: consumer affairs; consumer representation; nuisance calls; numbering; telecommunications policy; telecommunications regulation; universal service


Professor Nora C. Quebral
Honorary Doctorate

Interests and expertise: development communication; agricultural communication; development information technologies; media and communication in Asia


Professor Philip Schlesinger
Visiting Professor, University of Glasgow

Interests and expertise: cultural policy; digital cultures; post-truth and the politics of expertise; creative and cultural industries; collective identity


Mr Jonny Shipp
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: Sustainability, accountability, corporate purpose and ethics in relation to digitalisation, online platforms and Internet services

Katharine Sarikakis

Katherine Sarikakis
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: media governance; media literacy and citizenship; communication networks; communication law


Anneli Valpola
Visiting Fellow, Strato AG

Interests and expertisechange management; leadership; HR development; tacit knowledge; global enterprises; media companies


Dr Jane Vincent
Visiting Fellow, freelance academic researcher and industry practitioner

Interests and expertiseyouth and the Internet; mobile communications; emotion and ICTs

Tony Wilson Photo

Professor Tony Wilson
Visiting Senior Fellow, Jeffrey Cheah Educational Foundation

Interests and expertisehermeneutics and practices theory; Bourdieu; hermeneutics and reception theory

Shuzo Yamakoshi

Professor Shuzo Yamakoshi
Visiting Professor, Keio University

Interests and expertise: media theory; political theory; social theory; journalism; political sociology; political communication; mass communication

Wen Zhihong

Zhihong Wen
Visiting Fellow, China International Publishing Group

Interests and expertise: cross-border publishing, multi-media operation, new media revolution, social media and society, media and China’s national image.

Research and project staff

Paolo Dini

Dr Paolo Dini
Associate Professorial Research Fellow, Heteropolitics

Interests and expertise: the relation of social, economic and political theory to bottom-up socio-economic phenomena; epistemology and interdisciplinarity; the social construction of technology; monetary theory


Dr Kumru Berfin Emre Cetin
Newton International Fellow

Interests and expertise: media sociology, cultural studies, television studies, audience surveys, food studies


Emma Goodman
Research Officer, Media Policy Project

Interests and expertise: media policy; fake news; e-campaigning; national and international news journalism; media and development


Dr Leslie Haddon
Senior Research Fellow, Toddlers and Tablets

Interests and expertise: ICT consumption and domestication; children and the Internet; mobile phones; social shaping of technology


Dr Sam Mejias
Research Officer, CATCH-EyoU

Interests and expertise: citizenship; education; digital media; human rights and social justice; youth participation; creative media; media literacy; media and development; international educational development; critical pedagogy; audiences


Dr Jedrzej Niklas
Research Officer, Justice, Equity and Technology

Interests and expertise: human rights;  socio-economic rights; data protection; new technologies; e-governance; surveillance studies; critical theories of technology

Eva Polonska

Dr Eva Połońska-Kimunguyi
Research Fellow, We, the People

Interests and expertise: media and public diplomacy; political communication; media, populism, identity politics; media and narratives in foreign policy; Europe-Africa media relations


Catherine Speller
Project Manager, Media Policy Project and the LSE Commission on Truth, Trust & Technology

Expertise and interests: media policy; press regulation; fake news; platform regulation


Dr Mariya Stoilova
Research Officer, Global Kids Online

Interests and expertise: digital technologies, well-being, and family support; social change and transformations of intimate life; citizenship and social inequalities


Dr Lukasz Szulc
Marie Curie Individual Fellow

Interests and expertise: critical and cultural media studies; digital media and identity; queer theory and LGBT studies; nationalisms and transnationalisms


Ros Taylor
Research Manager, Media Policy Project and the LSE Commission on Truth, Trust & Technology

Interests and expertise: media in democracies; Brexit; platform regulation; press regulation and diversity; political communication; scrutiny of Parliament


Dr Funda Ustek-Spilda
Research Officer, Virt-EU

Interests and expertise: citizen science, ethics and values in technology design, transparency, privacy and accountability, tech culture, gender 


PhD Researchers