Improving Deliberation, Improving Copyright

A collaborative project to deliver an improved copyright consultation process

It's a consultation on consultations at a time when the landscape for copyright policy is increasingly complex and uncertain
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In the project Improving Deliberation, Improving Copyright, a wide range of copyright stakeholders and members of the public are collaborating to produce a set of guidelines for copyright policy consultations. The aim of the collaboration is to more effectively incorporate a wide range of stakeholder voices into debates about copyright.

The project has three parts: stakeholder dialogues; a stakeholder workshop where ideas for a model are produced; and the production and presentation of the final model to the Intellectual Property Office. This website summarises the findings from the stakeholder dialogues, as background information for  workshop participants to consider before they come together in the workshop discussions. 

The summaries are divided into different topics that can be explored through the links below: overall perspectives of consultations; purposes of consultation; the context for consultation; current consultation processes; what works well in consultations; challenges to consultations; and areas for improvement to consultations.

Watch a video summarising the background to the study here.

In each of the summaries, we have included quotes from our dialogues, to illustrate the points being made. The quotes are presented in italics. All quotes are anonymised, and instead the speakers are identified by a two-letter prefix, where SH indicates the speaker is a stakeholder and PU indicates a member of the public. The numbers indicate the number of the dialogue (1-35 for stakeholders, and 1-10 for members of the public).