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Chris Blunt and Andrew Goldfinch win teaching prize

8 September 2014|

The Department of Philosophy has announced its 2013-2014 teaching awards. This year the prize was awarded to two members of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method.

This year the award was received by Andrew Goldfinch and Chris Blunt (View his website).

Chris Blunt

Latest Undergraduate Journal “Rerum Causae” issues

1 September 2014|

The BSc students in Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method run an undergraduate journal called Rerum Causae. They have released two new issues in 2014.

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Charles Djordjevic (2012–2013)

29 September 2013|

My time at the LSE was an amazingly stimulating and fruitful period, both academically and personally. Professionally, before the LSE, I had been doing International development work with the US Peace Corps in Azerbaijan. The LSE provided a forum wherein I could develop and crystallize my own thinking about the logic- and limits- of international development and human rights […]

Kamilla Haworth Buchter (2012–2013)

29 September 2013|

I joined the LSE MSc programme in Philosophy of the Social Sciences because I believed the programme was a unique opportunity to learn how to use philosophical tools to criticise and strengthen economic theory. After graduating I can honestly say that I was right; but I can also add that studying at LSE gave me a lot more than […]

Pranav Dalmia (2012–2013)

29 September 2013|

Having read philosophy at the undergraduate level despite my overt scientific inclinations, a Master’s in philosophy of science seemed to be the logical confluence of my two streams of interest. LSE’s MSc Philosophy of Science, with its lofty reputation and long list of eminent faculty members, promised to embody precisely what I was looking for. After arriving at LSE, […]

Jacob Neal (2012–2013)

29 September 2013|

The master’s program in Philosophy of Science at the LSE provided the philosophical training for me to pivot my academic career from the natural sciences to philosophy of science. After completing a master’s in biochemistry and structural biology, I arrived at the LSE hoping to transition from laboratory research to scientifically-engaged philosophical research. Although I lacked any formal training […]

Hasan Afzal (2012–2013)

29 September 2013|

How my studies went?

I came to the LSE after studying a degree in Political Economy, although my background wasn’t of the sciences, I didn’t feel at a disadvantage at all.

I felt the programme was excellent. I was always tested and felt challenged. From philosophy of science to the philosophy of choice, the detail and the breadth of the work […]

Canace Wong (2012–2013)

29 September 2013|

I’ve currently accept the offer to the graduate training program at London-based Financial PR and Investor Relations firm Abchurch Communications. I mainly work with Asian clients who wish to seek investors in London, and to ensure that their Financial PR, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations are accessible to a wider audience. My long term goal is to bring the […]

Federico Mor (2012–2013)

29 September 2013|

I thoroughly enjoyed my PPP studies at the LSE. I came from a different background (Literature), but rather than a hindrance, it made the whole experience even more enriching for me. It’s been great to engage in applied philosophical thinking, as it enhanced my analytical skills at the ideal and non-ideal level alike.

I now am a finance trainee for […]

Fergus Green (2012–2013)

29 September 2013|

Before moving to London, I studied politics and law and practised as a lawyer in Australia for three and a half years. I chose the MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy because I wanted a stronger applied-philosophical grounding in order to move into a research- and policy-oriented career focused on the design and normative evaluation of public policy and […]