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    Proofs and Refutations returning as a ‘Cambridge Classic’

Proofs and Refutations returning as a ‘Cambridge Classic’

2 October 2014|

Proofs and Refutations by former LSE Professor Imre Lakatos is coming out in print again as part of the ‘Cambridge Philosophy Classics‘ book series.

Proofs and Refutations is one of the great classics in the philosophy of mathematics, produced as a manuscript by LSE Professor Imre Lakatos during the height of his career as an elaboration […]

2014 Department Weekend at Cumberland Lodge

1 October 2014|

Every year we hold a departmental weekend at Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Great Park, which is attended by students and staff.

Michael Redhead interviews Richard Sorabji

27 September 2014|

Prof. Michael Redhead has recorded a charming little 10min interview with Richard Sorabji (Emeritus, KCL), on Redhead’s new Youtube Channel. Prof. Redhead is co-director of the CPNSS, former Centennial Professor of Philosophy at LSE, and distinguished founder of our Sigma Club lecture series.

2013 Lakatos Award

24 September 2014|

The London School of Economics and Political Science is pleased to announce that the 2013 Lakatos Award of £7,500 for outstanding contributions to the philosophy of science goes jointly to Laura Ruetsche and David Wallace.

Lakatos Award Conference on Philosophy of Physics

24 September 2014|

This workshop is in honor of Laura Ruetsche and David Wallace jointly winning the 2013 Lakatos Award. Read more. Date: Tuesday, 21 Oct 2014 (all day) Location: LAK 2.06 More Details: Calendar Entry Lakatos Award Ceremony: To follow the next day on Wednesday evening.

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Spotlight: MSc Courses in Philosophy of Physics

20 September 2014|

LSE has a long tradition of leading work in the philosophy and foundations of physics. You may notice the flurry of physics-related activity bustling around the department. If you’re an MSc student with a physics course or two under your belt, or are just interested in seeing what the philosophy of physics is, why not check it out?

Spotlight: Three MSc courses on policy and choice

20 September 2014|

Philosophy at LSE is particularly well-known for its social relevance.  Here are three MSc courses that will allow you to participate in this aspect of LSE-style philosophy. New MSc students are welcome to sit in on the first lecture before deciding if they’d like to take a course.

Spotlight: Two new courses involve your brain

20 September 2014|

Dr. Jonathan Birch, one of the department’s newest members, is doing two exciting new courses this year that will undoubtedly exercise the grey matter. If you’re a new MSc in Economics and Philosophy, Philosophy and Public Policy, Philosophy of Science or Philosophy of the Social Sciences, you have the opportunity to sign up!

New degree in Philosophy, Politics & Economics

17 September 2014|

PPE Degree Page The LSE is proud to launch a new BSc in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, ready for entry in October 2015.

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Christian List elected to the British Academy

9 September 2014|

Our own Professor Christian List has been elected as a Fellow of the prestigious British Academy, recognition for his outstanding research. See the press release here!