I’ve currently accept the offer to the graduate training program at London-based Financial PR and Investor Relations firm Abchurch Communications. I mainly work with Asian clients who wish to seek investors in London, and to ensure that their Financial PR, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations are accessible to a wider audience. My long term goal is to bring the public relations expertise I have developed in London back to Asia.

The LSE PPP program benefited me in few ways both generally and specifically as a PR and media professional. First, the exposure I gained from the course is huge. I’ve come across philosophical-minded classmates from a wide range of professional, academic, and cultural backgrounds, which accelerated the process of forming both my professional and political perspectives. Second, the public policy focus of the course has certainly helped me in understanding public relations issues more thoroughly. Third, through constantly discussing difficult problems with lecturers and very talented classmates from the course, I have sharpened my analytical skills, which I believe is useful in any kind of professional settings. I am very happy to have accepted the offer to the program and I believe the benefits from the course are far greater than guaranteeing a job upon graduation.