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Ian Cruise (2011–2012)

29 September 2012|

Currently, I’m working as an Economic Policy Analyst at the Louisiana Department of Revenue in the United States. My work centers around tax policy, but in particular, I’m working on our governor’s tax reform measure. I have been responsible for developing a lot of the policy that’s going into the governor’s proposal as well as for analytic […]

Greg Grzegorz Lewicki (2010–2011)

29 September 2011|

Shortly after returning to Poland, I started a journalist internship in a big Polish weekly (circulation approx 130,000). I am writing mostly about the impact of science and technology on our interconnected society. This is very much related to my studies at LSE (MSc Philosophy of Science).

Bryan Williamson (2010–2011)

29 September 2011|

Upon completing the MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy, I accepted a consulting analyst position with Accenture in Silicon Valley.  The rigorous analytical training of the programme provided an invaluable opportunity to develop my logical reasoning skills and strengthen my communicative ability.  Despite having never formally studied philosophy, I was at no disadvantage and my supervisor helped […]

Morgan Mullooly (2010–2011)

29 September 2011|

LSE has a distinct magnetism – Immediately after finishing my exams, I began working in a technology consultancy, directly across Aldwych, in Bush House! The company I work for, (Analysys Mason) like many others, has strong links to the LSE and I applied for my role through the LSE consultancy society. I work primarily in the fascinating […]

Andréana Lefton (2010–2011)

29 September 2011|

I graduated with my master’s in Philosophy & Public Policy in 2011, and decided to move to London to become a writer and journalist. After a stint at The Guardian, working as an investigative researcher, I am now in charge of research on an independent documentary about Iranian students banned from university because of their faith. I […]

Jeroen Jonker (2010–2011)

29 September 2011|

Originally trained in Public Administration, I’ve tremendously enjoyed studying Philosophy and Public Policy at LSE. The programme has sharpened my analytical thinking, and I’ve gained valuable philosophical insights into complex issues like climate change and healthcare. The most important thing though, following in big part from the philosophical debates with the extraordinary individuals I’ve met during the […]

Katherine Furman (2010–2011)

29 September 2011|

The MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy provides for the exploration of practical social problems with philosophical rigour, allowing students to develop a more ‘first principles’ perspective on various policy issues. I completed my dissertation on coping with scientific dissent in health policy development and I received a great deal of support for this study in the […]

Jose A. Alfaro Díaz (2010–2011)

29 September 2011|

I am living in Mexico City and working at the “Presidencia” (the Mexican equivalent of the White House) as a senior advisor of the President’s Chief of Office. It’s a demanding and interesting job. I put in long days, but it is very rewarding. The knowledge I gained in the MSc Philosophy and Public Policy is very […]

Ying Shi (2010–2011)

29 September 2011|

As an applicant, I had no trouble picking out the MSc in Economics and Philosophy program from LSE’s tome of a course catalogue. It seemed like the ideal balance of economic rigor combined with normative inquiry.  I was finishing up three years in the private sector, and wanted an interdisciplinary academic environment without the full commitment of […]

Blake Heller (2010–2011)

29 September 2011|

Blake Heller works as a research analyst at the Education Innovation Laboratory at Harvard University. He writes: “The MSc Economics and Philosophy programme was pivotal in helping me develop the quantitative and analytical skill sets I needed to succeed as an applied researcher. In my current work, I use the econometric knowledge I gained at LSE daily. […]