I joined the LSE MSc programme in Philosophy of the Social Sciences because I believed the programme was a unique opportunity to learn how to use philosophical tools to criticise and strengthen economic theory. After graduating I can honestly say that I was right; but I can also add that studying at LSE gave me a lot more than the knowledge of how to combine Philosophy and Economics.

The thing I enjoyed the most about studying at LSE was the social and academic environment I encountered on campus. The students and staffs were all extremely friendly and constructive, and even though I did not know anyone when I moved to London, I never felt alone during my year of study. As a student at LSE you are also invited to participate in research seminars and conferences in the department. This means that you will have the opportunity to listen to some of the latest research in philosophy of the social sciences.

No matter whether you want to pursue a career in academia or not, studying at LSE will not be a waste of time. LSE career centre provides every student with all (s)he needs in order to find a job, and if you want to pursue an academic career, my experience is that the teachers are extremely willing to help and to discuss your ideas and projects.

After graduating from LSE last year, I am now studying for a degree in Economics. I hope to be accepted for a PhD next year.