1. Why did you choose LSE and the programme?

I was drawn to the Department of Philosophy, Logic, and Scientific because it is one of the few departments which offers a degree combining philosophy and public policy. Before coming to the LSE, I had a personal interest in philosophy and a professional interest in public policy. This is why the MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy caught my eye. It felt like the perfect opportunity to combine these two interests, whilst also studying in a vibrant, cosmopolitan environment at the heart of London.

2. Which aspects of your studies were the most beneficial for your professional as well as personal development?

The aspect of my studies most beneficial to my personal and professional development was completing my dissertation. The process of deciding which topic to write on forced me to prioritize between my different areas of interest and allowed me narrow down potential career avenues. The feedback I received from my supervisor really helped me understand the role philosophers play in tackling real-world issues like climate displacement, and the writing process was a true test of my time management skills. Before coming to the LSE, I was unsure what types of work I wanted to do in the future. A year on, I have a clear idea of where I see myself in the next five years.

3. What is your fondest memory of your time here?

My fondest memory at the LSE was Cumberland Lodge – an annual trip organized by the Department. It was a weekend full of fascinating lectures, beautiful scenery, and tasty food. This trip really fostered a sense of community within the Department. We got to spend some quality time with our lecturers, and even sang a little karaoke. Having spoken to my peers about their experience over the past year, I can safely say that the trip was a highlight for the whole cohort. We arrived at Cumberland Lodge as colleagues and left as friends.

4. Why would you recommend studying at LSE and the Philosophy department in particular?

The LSE is a boiling pot of ideas – it has more countries represented by students than the United Nations. LSE is a fast-paced environment where students come together to share their views about the world, and how we can make it better. If you want to study at an institution where you are exposed to beliefs and values which are completely different from your own, then this is the place to study.

The Department of Philosophy, Logic, and Scientific Method has a global reputation for academic rigor and excellence. The Department teaches a philosophy which is continuous with the natural and social sciences. There is no pie-in-the-sky philosophy in the Department. Everything you study can be used to help tackle real-world problems.

5. Your LSE experience in your own words

There has not been another year in my life where I have learnt so much about myself. Neither has there been a year where I have met so many extraordinary people. The lecturers and seminars have given me fresh perspectives on a range of issues. But the biggest take-home has been the extraordinary people I’ve met along the way, and the global network of friends which I now have. There is not a city in Europe which I do not have a sofa to sleep on! For this, and everything else, I am truly grateful.

Hamza King is the Founder & Editor In Chief of Phlexible Philosophy (Last update: September 2023).