Why did you choose the LSE and the programme?

I chose the LSE to join an international community in the heart of London, and, more broadly, because I wanted to know ‘the causes of things’. I chose the Philosophy programme because I wanted to study a type of philosophy that is rigorous and relevant to society, discussing cutting-edge research and participating to lively seminars. The Philosophy department really shaped my experience at LSE by being so welcoming and friendly. 

Which aspects of your studies were the most beneficial for your professional as well as your personal development?

The most beneficial aspect of my studies was probably the discussions I had with other students. MSc Philosophy students come from a variety of backgrounds (economics, political science, engineering, physics…) – everyone comes with their own experience, making up for lively debates. On top of that, studying philosophy really allowed me to exercise my critical thinking skills and to do in-depth research, which is crucial in my current job. LSE allowed me to become a rigorous thinker. It encourages you to think out of the box and gives you the confidence to use your acquired skillset to go out in the world and work hard to help make it better. 

What is your fondest memory of your time here?

It is hard to choose – but I remember how much I enjoyed every philosophy of science seminar. It was a new topic for me, and I felt like I learned so much during every class. Debating about socially relevant issues in a small group of students felt incredibly invigorating. I also really enjoyed all the dinners I shared with my flatmates in our LSE student residence. We all studied different subjects (philosophy of science, public and social policy, anthropology, international development…) and talked about the state of the world until late in the night. Exploring London and its surroundings during my free time was a big plus too!

Why would you recommend studying at LSE and the Philosophy department in particular?

If you are looking for an environment which helps you to grow and think more clearly, you’re in the right place. The LSE Philosophy department is incredibly welcoming. Professors and seminar leaders hold office hours every week, where you can discuss all the class material and any issue you might have. Philosophy students also spend a lot of time together, be it to simply have a coffee together before a seminar, or spending a good night out after a day in the library. Studying Philosophy of Science offered me many opportunities professionally, as I found that I could easily demonstrate my ability to learn fast and digest large amounts of information quickly. Studying at the Philosophy department does not only teach you to think clearly, it also teaches you how to ask the right questions – skills that are very much needed today. 

Your LSE experience in your own words

Comparing who I was before LSE with who I am today, I can honestly say that LSE made me a more confident person. It changed my way of thinking – I found that LSE alumni always question the simple explanations.  I believe everyone could benefit from challenging their own thoughts a bit more. LSE and the Philosophy department will always be a place to which I enjoy coming back – a bit like a piece of home in London. 

Lena Dominici is currently a Policy Officer at the European Commission (Last update: January 2022).