Why did you choose LSE and the programme?

I studied MSc Philosophy of Science at the LSE. The teaching staff’s range of academic expertise and the selection of modules attracted me to this degree. They enabled me to develop a well-rounded understanding of the philosophy of various sciences. It was also inspiring to study at the department founded by Karl Popper himself!

I chose the LSE not only because of the academic opportunities, but also professional development opportunities. I benefitted from the sessions offered by LSE Careers and had the opportunity to present my work at conferences. I also enjoyed the multi-cultural environment and meeting people from all over the world.

Which aspect of your studies were the most beneficial for your professional as well as personal development?

I believe I benefitted the most from the dissertation seminars. As a previous BSc Chemistry student, I had no experience of writing philosophical essays. The seminars helped me to develop the critical thinking, argumentation and writing skills necessary for philosophical essays. These skills have cross-disciplinary value and I will implement them in a professional context.

What is your fondest memory of your time here? 

I liked getting to know my coursemates and debating our views on different topics within and outside classes. Of course, I also really enjoyed hanging out with them after a hard day’s work and taking our discussions further – sometimes with a cheeky pint!

Why would you recommend studying at LSE and the Philosophy department in particular?

I’d recommend the LSE for its academic and professional development opportunities. The Philosophy department staff enable students to make the best out of both. The students in my cohort were also very close-knit and supportive of each other.

Your LSE experience in your own words

I really enjoyed my year at the LSE. My degree was both challenging and interesting, and taught me how to look at science – and other things – from a philosophical lens. I’m also really grateful for the friends I made, the chats and the memories I’ll take away!

Roan Chavez is currently a Business Analyst at Cytora (Last update: January 2023).