Why did you choose LSE and the programme? 

Because LSE had a great international reputation and the programme seemed like a natural continuation of my prior studies in philosophy and political science.

Which aspects of your studies were the most beneficial for your professional as well as personal development? 

Professionally, I benefitted most from exposure to interesting contemporary research, excellent teaching, and great mentors with high expectations. Personally, I benefitted most from the opportunity to study abroad and rediscover the joys of doing philosophy.

What is your fondest memory of your time here? 

Passionately arguing about humanitarian intervention in a seminar.

Why would you recommend studying at LSE and the Philosophy department in particular? 

LSE was a great intellectual environment with a superb administration keeping things on track. The philosophy department was an excellent space for the open exchange of ideas. I found many wonderful people there that helped me a great deal on my academic journey. 

Your LSE experience in your own words

LSE gave me a life-changing opportunity to study in the UK. It was at a charity event advertised by LSE that I met the person I would eventually marry. Today, I am a PhD student at Oxford, and I doubt I would be here were it not for the education and guidance I received at LSE.  

Lorenzo Elijah is currently doing his PhD at the University of Oxford (Last update: January 2023).