Apply now for our world-leading MSc and MPhil/PhD programmes. Programmes start September 2016.

The LSE’s Graduate Admissions Office opens its (virtual) doors today and you can now submit your applications online for our MSc and MPhil/PhD programmes. We have the following graduate programmes on offer:

MSc Economics & Philosophy

The MSc in Economics & Philosophy is taught jointly by the Department of Economics and by the Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method. This programme offers a unique combination of rigorous training in economics together with the opportunity to engage with moral, methodological and foundational questions. We take philosophical analysis to be continuous with scientific approaches to political, social and economic problems, and all philosophy staff have a strong background in interdisciplinary work and in areas of social or natural science.

MSc Philosophy & Public Policy

The MSc in Philosophy & Public Policy provides a foundation in the conceptual and normative questions underlying public policy formulation and prepares students for policy-oriented careers in intergovernmental, governmental and non-governmental organisations as well as for PhD work in philosophy or related disciplines. This MSc approaches philosophical issues in public policy through the lenses of historical and contemporary developments in ethical theory and political philosophy. Topics span an enormous range of policy areas, such as health care, development, social security and climate change.

MSc Philosophy of Science

The LSE Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method is a historic and world-class centre for philosophy of science. Having been home to the influential philosophers of science Karl Popper and Imre Lakatos and still bustling with cutting edge research, the LSE is the ideal place to do an MSc in Philosophy of Science. Our distinctive approach to philosophy of science is really continuous with the sciences. On this programme you will learn to reason with a kind of philosophical rigour that makes essential use of scientific tools such as modern logic and probability theory.

MSc Philosophy of the Social Sciences

With LSE widely recognised as the world’s leading specialist social science university, the MSc in Philosophy of Social Sciences is the ideal degree with which to pursue questions about human societies, and to apply philosophical reasoning to understanding the nature of the social sciences themselves. LSE is consistently ranked as the world’s leading university for graduate study in philosophy of social sciences and on this programme you’ll get the chance to work with some of the world’s top researchers in philosophy of the social sciences as well as some of the world’s top social scientists themselves.




MPhil/PhD in Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method is consistently ranked among the top institutions in the world for the graduate study of Philosophy of Science, for Decision, Rational Choice and Game Theory, and for Moral and Political Philosophy. If you already hold a master’s degree in philosophy and your ambition is to pursue research — and possibly an eventual academic career in these or related fields — then you should consider applying to one of our MPhil/PhD in Philosophy.

MPhil/PhD Philosophy of the Social Sciences

Last but not least, for those with a special interest in pursuing coursework in social sciences methodology, including quantitative, regression and multivariate analysis, we have a dedicated MPhil/PhD in Philosophy of the Social Sciences.
For further information about our graduate programmes please see the individual programme pages. To find out more about entry requirements and about the application process itself visit the Graduate Admissions Office’s website.