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Full information on how to contact us is given on our Getting in touch| page.


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LSE has developed graduate programmes to fulfil your needs whether you intend to pursue a career in industry, business, government, NGOs or academia, and whatever your background. It is also possible to join LSE for short periods as a visiting research student.

Many programmes also offer a part-time option, allowing you to work alongside your studies. A unique feature of many LSE programmes is the opportunity to link your studies with other institutions around the world, giving you an international perspective; see Types of study| and teaching methods|.To find out more about LSE, its support services and the benefits of studying here, visit Why LSE|.

For details of our programmes, follow the links from our index of available programmes|. You should also read about our entry requirements|. Applicants from outside the UK should read the information for international students|. You may also wish to attend the Graduate Open Evening.

You should apply online, and use the online application system to supply your supporting documents. Read our information on how to apply| to find out about the application and supporting documents that we require, deadlines and start date options for research programmes.

We have also provided a glossary of terms| that we commonly use during the application process, and a comprehensive selection of frequently asked questions|.

When we process your application we add it to our database and send you an email acknowledgement with your application number as well as details of any missing documents, if applicable. Please do not contact us to request your application number prior to receiving your email acknowledgement. Once all the required documents have been processed, a further acknowledgement is sent to you. At this point the file is passed to the selectors for your first choice. Your application will only be considered for your second choice if your first choice application is unsuccessful or if the first choice programme has already closed.

We aim to keep you fully informed of the progress of your application through the online application tracker|, and by publishing news| on our current processing times and any special factors affecting the admissions process.

Once you have been allocated your unique application number, you can check the progress of your own application, and inform us of any changes by using our automated online and telephone systems.

  • Make a note of your application number and use it when checking your status and in all correspondence with the Graduate Admissions office, including by telephone.
  • To see the current status of your application, go to Track your application – this information is linked directly to our computer system. What you see here is the same information we hold centrally. If you need to advise us of a change of address, you should use the link on the tracking system to do so. Later in the admissions process, the online tracking system also provides you with links to your financial support application, individual LSE for You account, and links to apply for accommodation, choose courses and pay your tuition fees online.
  • To inform us of any changes to your application, to send additional information or to inform us of your decisions regarding your application, you should use the online forms available at How do I...?
  • Telephone +44 (0)20 7955 7160 either to speak to a member of the Graduate Admissions Team Monday to Friday 9.45am-5.15pm (local time) or access automated summary information at any time.
  • All of your personal data is kept confidential, and we are therefore not able to discuss your application with any third party unless specifically nominated by you on your application form.

We understand that the application process can be an anxious time. Please read carefully the information in this section and follow the instructions given; this will help to ensure that everything runs quickly and smoothly. You should familiarise yourself with How we process your documents| and How the decision making process works| so that you know what to expect from us and what will happen to your application.

Applying for financial support

  • We will send you a link to the Graduate Financial Support application form when we acknowledge your application. You should complete this as soon as possible – see the Financial Support Office pages for more details. The information you submit will be used to consider you both for the Graduate Support Scheme and, later in the admissions cycle, named scholarships and awards.

The decision

A decision is authoritative and official only if it has been sent in writing from the Graduate Admissions Office. We will send your offer pack by post. Other decisions (see below) will be sent to you by email. We make our admissions decision on the basis of academic merit and the availability of places on specific programmes.

The decision we send you will be one of these:

  • An unconditional offer. You satisfy all of the academic conditions required before entry and we are offering you a place. You may still need to supply originals or certified copies of some documents.
  • A conditional offer. You do not yet satisfy the academic conditions required before entry but you propose to do so. The conditions are given in the offer letter and may include tests such as English language as well as degree results, or attendance at pre-sessional or summer school courses.
  • You are on a waiting list. In this case we need more time before making a full decision. We shall make that decision by the end of April. At that stage we may be able to offer you admission, a place on the reserve list, or, depending on the level of competition, we may be unable to offer you a place.
  • You are on the reserve list. In this case you will be made an offer only if an extra place becomes available, for example if other students decline their offer. Final confirmation of the reserve list will take place by the end of August.
  • We are unable to offer you a place. This decision is final and not open to appeal. It may be that the programme is already full – in this case, you may request that your application is considered for an alternative choice(s) or that your application is reinstated for the following year.

Full details about your offer, including any outstanding conditions or official documents that are required, are in your offer letter. You should also look at all our online information for offer holders|.

You should continue to use your LSE for You| account to track the status of your application, and the online How do I...? |forms to inform us of any changes to your status or plans.

We will continue to keep you up to date with email newsletters|, and your department will also be in touch with information about reading lists, etc.

You should look at the Programme regulations and courses  | to get an idea of which options will be available to you; these are updated regularly to let you know about possible changes for the new academic session. You should be aware that popular courses may be capped in order to comply with School guidelines on class sizes. Please see the Student Services Centre pages for more details. Throughout the application cycle we keep you up to date by publishing our current processing times| and news items relevant to your application. You should visit the news page|regularly to ensure you have the latest information.

You might also wish to visit LSE for one of our public events|, or to meet LSE|'s staff.

Current Headlines

Remember that your application will be processed most quickly if you submit it with all the supporting documents via the online application system. Submitting documents using the How do I...? form is acceptable but is less efficient than submitting all of your documents together.

  • Our telephone service will be unavailable from 2.30pm - 3.30pm on Tuesday 16 September. Normal service will resume after this time.
  • Please note that registration for Employment Relations and Organisational Behaviour Group has been moved forward. Registration for these programmes will now take place on Monday 29 September, from 3pm to 4pm in the Hong Kong Theatre (Clement House)
  • The UK Border Force has put together "10 top tips" for students arriving in the UK from overseas, highlighting required documentation, banned substances, and what to do if you have further questions. If you will be newly arriving the UK to join LSE soon, please do read this advice.
  • Our morning drop-in sessions at the Student Services Centre have now changed to 11am-12pm. These sessions are for applicants only, and require visitors to sign-up early on the day. Please see the getting in touch page for more information. 
  • From Monday 6 October we will resume having two drop in sessions each day (excluding Wednesdays). The drop in times will therefore be 11am-12pm (Monday to Friday) and 3pm-4pm (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays)