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Welcome to the Department of Economics at the LSE, one of the largest economics departments in the world. We are a leading research department, ensuring all mainstream areas of economics are strongly represented in research and teaching. For more information see About Us. |

photograph of Arthur Lewis

Arthur Lewis at LSE - one of our best teachers

23 January 2015 marked the centenary of the birth of the Nobel Prize winning economist, William Arthur Lewis (1915-1991) - whose appointment in 1938 to a one year teaching contract, later converted to a four year appointment, makes him LSE’s first black academic.


Listen| to Professor Stuart Corbridge discussing Arthur Lewis' contribution to development economics at LSE and the world at large.


LSE Research Festival 2015 launches an exciting new competition for PhD students and post-doctoral fellows: Strictly Come Researching! 


photograph of Christopher Pissarides

Professor Sir Christopher Pissarides| is among the laureates of the well-respected Kiel Institute Global Economy Prize 2015. The prize is awarded to honour influential personalities in politics, business and science. Christopher Pissarides was awarded the prize for his research that has widened understanding of the labour market.


photograph of Francesco Caselli

Norman Sosnow Chair Inaugural Lecture: "Yes, it is a Curse: Politics and the Adverse Impact of Natural-Resource Riches" by Professor Francesco Caselli|

Wednesday 4 March 2015


photograph of Camille Landais

Department of Economics and Centre for Macroeconomics Public Lecture: "Are Welfare Programmes Just Keeping People Out of Work? An Economist's Take on Benefits Street" by Dr Camille Landais|

The audio recording| is now available.


photograph of Jeremiah Dittmar

Dr Jeremiah Dittmar|, Lecturer in the Department of Economics and Associate of CEP's Globalisation Programme, has been awarded a European Research Council Starting Grant for €1.275millon to document the impact of revolutionary transformations in information technology and institutions using evidence from the European Renaissance.


photograph of Barry Eichengreen

Department of Economics and Centre for Macroeconomics Public Lectures and Conversations - read more|

Tim Harford: "How to See into the Future" (recordings|)

Professor Barry Eichengreen (pictured): "Hall of Mirrors" (recordings|)

Dr Gabriel Zucman: "Inequality and Taxation in a Globalised World" (recordings|)

In Conversation with Professor Lawrence H. Summers (recordings|)

                     Selected Faculty Publications  more>>|
American Economic Review
Gavazza, Alessandro|, Lizzeri, Alessandro and Riketskiy, Nikita (2014) A quantitative analysis of the used-car market|. American Economic Review, 104 (11), pp.3668-3700.
 American Economic Journal: Economic Policy

Kleven, Henrik Jacobsen| and Schultz, Esben (2014) Estimating taxable income responses using Danish tax reforms|. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 6 (4), pp. 271-301.

 Journal of European Economic Association

Levy, Gilat| and Razin, Ronny| (2014) Rituals or good works: social signalling in religious organizations|. Journal of European Economic Association, 12 (5), pp. 1317-1360.

 Journal of European Economic Association

Nava, Francesco| and Schiraldi, Pasquale| (2014) Sales and collusion in a market with storage|. Journal of the European Economic Association, 12 (3), pp. 791-832.

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Every year, we present our PhD students that are going in to the Job Market. Please go to PhD Job Market Candidates |to find out more about their research and skills.
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Congratulations to our PhD students successfully placed last year. We wish you all good luck in your careers! See the lists of Job Market Candidates from previous years|.
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