International gathering hosted by the Aurora Borealis Foundation

Last week IGA Director Erik Berglof together with Piroska Nagy-Mohacsi and Torsten Thiele participated in a international gathering hosted by the Aurora Borealis Foundation in Svalbard. Meeting in the Arctic underscored the dynamics of global climate change, with signs of warming everywhere. A large Chinese delegation included representatives of China’s first ecovillage. Chinese participants expressed their keen interest in a deeper dialogue around values and transition as well as in practical solutions. A visit to the Svalbard Seed Vault, the global repository for plants showed how global support structures can help in a crisis. Its first withdrawal was made to aid plant recovery around Aleppo/ Syria, which has been devastated by the ongoing war.

IGA's Torsten Thiele spoke about "Blue Finance", the new frontier in climate change research, that seeks to address crucial marine infrastructure in the context of climate change. The Arctic world is dependent on its marine life and coasts worldwide need urgent rethinking as eco-innovation take hold. Participants from a wide range of nations and disciplines combined the latest in data visualisation with traditional art forms to make this gathering unique.