Rt Hon Sir Vince Cable

Rt Hon Sir Vince Cable

Visiting Professor in Practice

School of Public Policy

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Key Expertise
International economic relations, developing markets

About me

Sir Vince contributes across a range of the SPP's activities, drawing upon his experience in international economic relations and developing markets in particular.

From 2010 to 2015, Sir Vince was Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and he represented the constituency of Twickenham as a Liberal Democrat MP. Before entering the House of Commons in 1997, Sir Vince studied at the University of Cambridge and received a PhD from Glasgow University. He worked in government and then in the private sector, becoming Shell’s Chief Economist in 1995.

In 2015, Sir Vince published After the Storm: The World Economy and Britain’s Economic Future. In October 2020, Bite-Books will publish Sir Vince's short book on China, the New Cold War. In February 2021, Atlantic Press will publish Money and Power, which takes the history of political figures who changed the way economic policy was made, from Alexander Hamilton, Peel, Bismark and Lenin to Erhard and Roosevelt and on to Park, Lee, Deng and Thatcher. 

He is currently working on the economic history of disasters, from war and civil war to pandemics and financial collapse.