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Public Policy education in the heart of London

The LSE School of Public Policy prepares the policy and political leaders of tomorrow to transform people and societies.

Professor Andrés Velasco, Dean of the School of Public Policy






 The LSE School of Public Policy is an international community where ideas and practice meet. Our approach creates professionals with the ability to analyse, understand and resolve the challenges of contemporary governance.

We were founded in August 2018 with Professor Andrés Velasco as our inaugural Dean.

Our mission Our mission
Professor Andrés Velasco | LSE School of Public Policy

Our Ethos

Our educational programmes focus on rigorous and empirical skills and tools that underpin evidence-based policymaking. We combine this with an application of these skills to real-world problems and contexts.

We are at the heart of LSE, ranked the Number 1 social sciences institution in Europe and number 2 in the world. In the centre of a leading global city, we have an unparalleled capability to advance the frontiers of understanding and leading public policy.

We are inclusive, modern and diverse community, open to all enquiring minds. Our Master of Public Administration was founded in 2003 with just 18 students. The scale of that initial cohort of students stands in contrast to the thriving community of over 400 students now enrolled in our degrees.

Public policy and public service are the founding missions of LSE, which was founded in 1895 to understand the causes of things and for the betterment of society. This original purpose perfectly captures the mission and ethos of the School of Public Policy nearly 130 years later.