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The IGA publishes its December 2020 newsletter (18 December 2020).

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Gibril Faal

Visiting Professor in Practice Gibril Faal publishes two papers for the IGA (December 2020).

Civil Society Input to EU-AFRICA Cooperation on Migration: The Case of The Gambia

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Roundtable Background Paper: Leveraging New Technologies to Empower Migrants

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group of nations 2020 200x200

2020 edition of the first blended Group of Nations Global Briefing Report 'Joint G20 Summit Saudi Arabia 2020 and G7 Summit' is published (19 November 2020).

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China Engage

Sir Vince Cable publishes new book 'China: Engage! Avoid the New Cold World War' with Bite-Sized Books.

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Special offer available here

See the launch event here

Blue Paper "Ocean Finance: Financing the Transition to a Sustainable Ocean Economy" is launched by Ocean Panel with contribution from IGA Visiting Fellow Torsten Thiele (22 October 2020).

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Read more about Ocean Panel here

Digital City of Refuge

LSE Department of Media and Communications launches Digital City of Refuge: a collection of visual stories mapping the city of refuge as experienced and imagined by its actors in Athens, Berlin and London (28 October 2020).

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IGA Visiting Fellow Peter Pomerantsev wins the 2020 Gordon Burn prize with his study on fake news & disinformation wars "This Is Not Propaganda: Adventures in the War Against Reality" (15 October 2020).

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IGA Working Paper "Transparent Monetary Policy: A History of Inflation Targeting in New Zealand" is published by Cameron Haworth, Asya Kostanyan and Douglas Laxton.

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Find more working papers here.


Piroska Nagy Mohacsi

Piroska Nagy-Mohácsi is appointed as interim director of IGA (September 2020).





MF homepage

LSE Maryam Forum student leaders offer insights into 'What makes a good leader?' with Nik Gowing (10 September 2020).

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Piroska Nagy Mohacsi

IGA Programme Director Piroska Nagy-Mohácsi is featured in Project Syndicate's She Writes, a monthly newsletter featuring women whose ideas deserve wider attention (7 September 2020).

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The IGA publishes its September 2020 newsletter (4 September 2020).

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Professor Erik Berglof is appointed as the first Chief Economist at the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), a multilateral development bank with a mission to improve social and economic outcomes in Asia (3 September 2020). 

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Professor Erik Berglof and others publish preprint with The Lancet on "COVID-19 Futures: A Framework for Exploring Medium and Long-Term Impacts" (3 September 2020).

Read the preliminary research here.



Professor Erik Berglof discusses the wide-ranging consequences of COVID-19 for national economies and global relations for the Wellcome Trust (27 August 2020).

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Quiet revolution 200x200

IGA Programme Director Piroska Nagy-Mohácsi writes on the quiet revolution in monetary policies occurring for emerging market economies during COVID-19 for Project Syndicate (18 August 2020).

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A letter to the international community_747x420

Professor Erik Berglof co-authors with Ban Ki-moon, Gordon Brown, Helen Clark, Graça Machel and Mary Robinson a letter to call for urgent action to address the global education emergency triggered by COVID-19 (17 August 2020).

Read the letter here.


Twilight of Democracy

IGA Professor in Practice Anne Applebaum discusses the 'seductive lure' of authoritarianism, drawing on her new book "Twilight of Democracy", for the New York Times (31 July 2020).

Listen to the podcast here.

Find the book here.

Mission possible 200x200

IGA Senior Policy Fellow Valeria Gontareva and Yevhen Stepaniuk publish "Mission Possible: The True Story of Ukraine's Comprehensive Banking Reform and Practical Manual for Other Nations" (24 July 2020).

Find the paperback here.

Read the PDF here.

Piroska Nagy Mohacsi

IGA Programme Director Piroska Nagy-Mohácsi speaks at Oxford University on the Political Economy Impact of COVID-19 on Central and Southern Europe (9 July 2020).

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MF homepage

The LSE Maryam Forum launch is covered by Caixin Media (3-8 July 2020).

See the report on Gordon Brown here.

See the report on Zhu Min here.

Watch Erik Berglof speak on cooperation in the time of COVID-19 here.

Watch Gordon Brown speak on debt relief for developing countries here.

Watch Zhu Min speak on artificial intelligence technologies for controlling the epidemic here


world upsidedown

LSE IGA publishes its latest Global Policy Lab publication "Defeating COVID-19: The pandemic that struck the world" (2 July 2020).

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IGA Programme Director Piroska Nagy-Mohácsi and Visiting Professor in Practice Marek Belka publish a blog piece exploring how COVID-19 will affect the politics of Central-Eastern Europe (15 June 2020).

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Bartzokas 300x300

Greek newspaper Kathimerini interviews Visiting Senior Fellow Anthony Bartzokas on crisis response, five years of the EBRD in Greece, international best practice and scenarios for investment recovery (9 June 2020).

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The IGA publishes its June 2020 newsletter (5 June 2020).

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"The researchers have learned from the crisis - but not the decision makers" writes Professor Erik Berglof for Dagens Nyheter (1 June 2020).

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What the G20 Should Do Now

Gordon Brown and Professor Erik Berglof write about the G20's necessary steps for further action in the face of COVID-19 and the world's marginalised people (1 June 2020).

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See more information here.



IGA Visiting Fellow Torsten Thiele participates in three virtual ocean webinars and dialogues.

See the Ultramarine Ocean Action summit here (30 May 2020).

See Closing the gap: financing the transition towards an inclusive blue economy here (10 June 2020).

See Blue Natural Capital Financing Facility here (11 June 2020).



Professor Erik Berglof talks to CGTN about the impacts of pandemic, populism and protectionism on globalisation (27 May 2020).

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Peter Pomerantsev is featured in the New York Times opinion piece 'What Would Happen if Twitter Banned Trump?' (27 May 2020).

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‘Europe again will find its way,’ Professor Erik Berglof tells Kathimerini in interview about structural forces at play in the global pandemic (26 May 2020).

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Vince ODI blog

Sir Vince Cable discusses the importance of highlighting the success stories of development for the ODI blog (18 May 2020).

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el pais

Professor Erik Berglof writes for El Pais on the future of global value chains in world following on from COVID-19 (2 May 2020).

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Visiting Fellow Torsten Thiele writes on the benefits of a healthy ocean for a more sustainable post-crisis world in China Dialogue Ocean (4 May 2020).

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Vince Cable st marys

Professor in practice Sir Vince Cable discusses the potential implications of the COVID-19 during a webinar entitled "The Economy After Corona: Recovery or Intensive Care" at St Mary's University (30 April 2020).

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Ukraine 300x300

LSE Arena publishes its Spring 2020 newsletter (29 April 2020).

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World Economic Forum publishes 9 ways to strengthen the global economic response to COVID-19 by Khalid Abdulla-Janahi and Professor Erik Berglof (24 April 2020).

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CNBC Africa

Professor Erik Berglof, IGA Director, speaks to CNBC Africa about global leaders' call to action on COVID-19 pandemic (22 April 2020).

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International Science Council speaks to Professor Erik Berglof about the feasibility of advancing climate initiatives during COVID-19 (21 April 2020).

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In Epsiode 1 of CoronaNomics, Joseph Stiglitz and Vince Cable talk to Ben Chu about the Deliberate Recession, and the impact of COVID-19 on the economy (15 April 2020).

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IGA’s Piroska Nagy-Mohacsi and Mario Blejer published an article entitled Is the World’s Reserve Currency In Trouble? in The International Economy (15 April 2020).

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Sir Vince Cable discusses measures taken to tacle the outbreak of COVID-19 in Europe vs. developing nations (7 April 2020).

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LSE Power Breakfast Series discusses longterm consequences of COVID-19 with Beata Javorcik, Chief Economist EBRD & John van Reenen (6 April 2020).

See Power Breakfast Series



G20 letter

Project Syndicate publishes A Letter to G20 Governments by IGA Director Erik Berglof, Gordon Brown and Jeremy Farrar. Signed by world leaders, leading economists and health experts (6 April 2020).

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Arena's Peter Pomerantsev features in New York Times opinion piece on misinformation and propaganda surrounding COVID-19 (3 April 2020).

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A letter to G20 leaders_747x420

20 leading economists and global health experts, including Professor Erik Berglof, send letter to G20 leaders on COVID-19 pandemic ahead of the G20 Summit (26 March 2020).

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LSE Power Breakfast Series presents Managing Crisis in the Eurozone: what the past tells us about the present with Olli Rehn, Governor Bank of Finland & Vince Cable (25 March 2020).

See Power Breakfast Series




IMF Deputy Managing Director Tao Zhang delivers keynote address on central bank digital currency at LSE IGA conference "China's Trade and Financial Globalisation" on 28th February (19 March 2020).

Read the speech here.



Riccardo Crescenzi, Arnaud Dyèvre and Frank Neffke publish Innovation catalysts: How multinationals reshape the global geography of innovation for the IGA WP series (19 March 2020).

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Professor Erik Berglof, IGA Director, published an article on A Pandemic Strategy as Global as COVID-19 in Project Syndicate (19 March 2020).

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Chinese Social Sciences Net interviews Professor Erik Berglof about China's experience of the epidemic and future prevention (18 March 2020).

Article Multi-national scholars suggest drawing lessons from China's experience in anti-epidemic in Chinese.

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Professor Erik Berglof, IGA Director, was interviewed on the economic impact of COVID-19 for DR channel's 21 SØNDAG (15 March 2020).

Watch the interview (from minute 17.50)



Prof Gibril Fall_300x300

Gibril Faal, IGA Professor in Practice, gave evidence to the House of Lords International Relations and Defence Committee (IRDC) on Wednesday 11 March 2020.

The 45-minute long single witness inquiry session was on 'Development cooperation between the UK and Sub Saharan Africa'. The questions focussed on aspects of Prof. Faal's expertise in the field, covering topics such as: the Global Compact on Migration; remittances as sustainable development finance; diaspora finance and the proposed AU African Diaspora Investment Fund; diaspora engagement in development and investment policy and practice; the January 2020 UK-Africa Investment Summit, and efforts to increase UK-SSA trade.

Prof. Faal was questioned by the committee chair Baroness Anelay of St John, Lord Hannay, Baroness Blackstone, Lord Alton and Baroness Smith of Newham. 

View the recorded proceeding (from minute 11.42 onwards)


Jean-Pierre Raffarin_09032020

Should we be afraid of the rise of China?

Former French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, current special envoy of the French government to China, shared his views on China and a future Eurasia during a public event with Shirley Yu, IGA Visiting Senior Fellow. Chaired by Erik Berglof (9 March 2020).

Listen to the podcast

View interview with Jean-Pierre Raffarin on CGTN



LSE IGA convened a Brainstorming Breakfast  on COVID19 and Finance, with introductions by Jeremy Ferrar, CEO of Wellcome Trust and IMF Deputy Managing Director Tao Zhang; chaired by IGA Director Erik Berglof (28 February 2020).



Romano Prodi_18022020

Beyond Brexit: the future of Italy and Europe in the global economy

Romano Prodi, former Prime Minister of Italy and President of the European Commission, shared his views on the roots and the future of Europe. Discussant: Angelo Martelli, Chair: Erik Berglof (18 February 2020).

Watch Facebook Livestreaming



Caixin Weekly publishes column entitled Prevention and control of the epidemic requires global coordination by Professor Erik Berglof, IGA Director, (17 February 2020). 

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Yicai Global

Professor Erik Berglof is interviewed by Yicai Global about China's potential to ease the imapct of COVID-19 (6 Febraury 2020).

Watch the interview



global value chains

Professor Erik Berglof writes for Project Syndicate on the decline of global value chains (2 January 2020).

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News 2019


Bilal Malaeb, Michalis Drouvelis, Jackline Wahba and Michael Vlassopoulos publish 'Cooperation in a Fragmented Society: Experimental Evidence on Syrian Refugees and Natives in Lebanon' (December 2019).

Read the paper here.

The False Romance of Russia

Anne Applebaum, co-director of Arena, published an article on The False Romance of Russia in The Atlantic (12 December).

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Valeria Gontareva, IGA Senior Policy Fellow and former Governor of the National Bank, was voted as one of Financial Times readers’ inspiring women of 2019 (5 December).

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PB_J Stiglitz_T Besley_E Berglof_300x300

LSE IGA Power Breakfast SeriesRecreating Shared Prosperity in an Age of Discontent. Professor Joseph I Stiglitz and Professor Tim Besley led a discussion moderated by Moderated by LSE IGA's Director Erik Berglof (5 December).

Video-Book_300x300 (2)

Our Video-book on Financial Resilience and Systemic Risk is now live. Scroll through short interviews with lead academic and policy experts on three main dimensions of financial resilience: post-crisis regulatory reform, global financial system resilience and central banking and institutional resilience.

The video-book draws on a conference that was co-organised by LSE’s Institute of Global AffairsFinancial Markets Group Research Centre and the Systemic Risk Centre, sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation earlier this year.

View the video-book

GPOL_from green to blue finance_300x300

From "Green" to Blue Finance", December's issue of the LSE Global Policy Lab has been published. For this issue we partnered with LSE's Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment to bring together academics, researchers and advocates of reform (29 November).

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Peter Pomerantsev, Senior Fellow at the IGA was a guest on the WAMC's Morning Edition show to discuss his book, "This Is Not Propaganda: Adventures in the War Against Reality" (26 November).

Listen to the recording 

EB_The Continent_300x300

Professor Erik Berglof, IGA Director, published an article on European development finance in the Daily Maverick (26 November).

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EB_Europe Needs Its Own Development Bank_300x300

Professor Erik Berglof, IGA Director, published an article on Europe Needs Its Own Development Bank in Project Syndicate (22 November).

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The Big Issue_Peter Pomerantsev_300x300

Peter Pomerantsev, Senior Fellow at the IGA, published an article on transparency online in The Big Issue (20 November).

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SY_BBC interview_300x300

Shirley Yu, IGA Visiting Senior Fellow, discusses the economic characteristics of Hong Kong on the BBC News (19 November).

Watch the clip

Piroska Nagy Mohacsi

IGA Programme Director Piroska Nagy Mohacsi presents on “The Problem of Big Business” at the Central European University, Budapest on (7 November).

View the presentation



Peter Pomerantsev author of This is Not Propaganda – Adventures in the War Against Reality was joined by Joanna Kavenna, author of new tech-dystopian novel Zed, and Dr Martin Moore of Kings College London, author of Democracy Hacked: How Technology is Destabilising Global Politics to discuss new propaganda. Chaired by Sophia Gaston (5 November).

Listen to the podcast


The 3rd joint LSE-Tsinghua University workshop supported by the ESRC and the NSFC on Liberalisation and Financial Resilience in a Global Context took place on 5 November in Beijing.

View the workshop programme and photos


LSE IGA Director, Professor Erik Berglöf and Bilal Malaeb hosted an event at LSE to discuss and analyse the latest protests in Lebanon (1 November).

Watch Facebook Live


Bilal Malaeb, Researcher at the IGA, was interviewed by Al Jazeera, discussing recent developments in Lebanon with Naim Salem  Professor of international affairs at Notre Dame University Lebanon and Omar Nashabe, Political analyst and former advisor at the Ministry of Interior in Lebanon (30 October).

Watch the interview

Maha Hosain Aziz _300x300

Maha Hosain Aziz, IGA Visiting Fellow, was invited to share ideas from her 2019 book Future World Order with educators, analysts and others at the Global Trends ESPAS conference at the European Parliament. (13-15 October).

SY_BBC interview_300x300

Shirley Yu was interviewed by BBC on China's emerging market's economy (1 October).

Listen to the clip

EB_The Continent_300x300

LSE IGA Director, Professor Erik Berglöf was interviewed by Chinese Social Sciences Net on 'Sharing Chinese wisdom with the World'. The article featured Professor Mitter (23 September).

Read the article

Hassan Damluji

What Citizens of the World Can Learn from Nationalism

British-Iraqi development expert Hassan Damluji discussed The Responsible Globalist, a manifesto for building an inclusive global nation at LSE (16 September).

Listen to the podcast


Keyu Jin, LSE Associate Professor of Economics, discussed stablising the Chinese economy on CNBC Europe (16 September).

Watch a clip

SY_BBC interview_300x300

Shirley Yu, IGA Visiting Senior Fellow, was interviewed by BBC Business live on China's Economy and industrial output growth (16 September).

Watch a clip


LSE IGA Power Breakfast SeriesArgentina's Latest Crisis. Is this time different? Mario I Blejer, Visiting Professor in the Institute of Global Affairs at LSE and Andrés Velasco, Dean of the School of Public Policy at the LSE led a discussion at LSE's Shaw Library (12 September).

Future World Order

Maha Hosain Aziz, IGA Visiting Fellow, shared ideas from her new book Future World Order at London's Big Tent Ideas Festival on the Death of Democracy panel with former Home Secretary Charles Clarke, MP Damian Collins, entrepreneur Julia Hobsbawm OBE and veteran journalist Matthew D’Ancona.

G7_August 2019_300x300

The Global Briefing Report for the G7 Summit has been published. This issue's Global Policy Lab section is titled Bringing Inequality Back on the Agenda. It is a collaboration between LSE and Sciences Po, along with other G7 universities, addressing the global challenge of growing inequalities within countries (23 August).

Read the Global Briefing Report

Planetary Thinking_300X300

Professor Erik Berglof, IGA Director, published article on Planetary Thinking in Project Syndicate (21 August).

Read the article

Shirley Yu_300x300

Shirley Yu, IGA Visiting Senior Fellow, discusses China's position on Hong Kong with BBC's Outisde Source (14 August)

Watch the clip

South China Morning Post_300x300

Shirley Yu, IGA Visiting Senior Fellow, published article on Donald Trump’s WTO move is a feeble answer to the China challenge in the South China Morning Post (8 August).

Read the article

PP_The Counteroffensive Against Conspiracy Theories Has Begun

Peter Pomerantsev, IGA Senior Fellow and co-director of Arena, published article in The Atlantic: The Counteroffensive Against Conspiracy Theories Has Begun (7 August).

Read the article

Maha Hosain Aziz _300x300

Maha Hosain Aziz was interviewed in India's Hardnews Foreign Policy by journalist Sanjay Kapoor about her new book, Future World Order

Shirley Yu_300x300

Shirley Yu, IGA Visiting Senior Fellow, published article on China is using trade war with US to defeat liberal thinkers in the Financial Times (24 July).

Valeria Gontareva_300x300 (2)

The Financial Times' article The bank that holds the key to Ukraine's future features Valeria Gontareva, IGA Senior Policy Fellow, on PrivatBank restructuring and oligarchs in Ukraine (17 July).

SY_BBC interview_300x300

Shirley Yu,  IGA Visiting Senior Fellow, was interviewed on BBC News on the G20 summit and the US-China trade deal.  (28 June).

Watch a clip

Agnès Belaisch

Agnés Belaisch, IGA Senior Visiting Fellow, publishes new Research Paper under the Rockefeller Project. Can social investment be for profit? An analysis of the principles of impact finance (30 June).

Evgeny Yakovlev_300x300

Evgeny Yakovlev, IGA Visiting Senior Fellow, discussed his latest paper: Short-Run and Long-Run Effects of Sizable Child Subsidy: Evidence from Russia (27 June).

reforming global economic governance_300x300

IGA hosted a seminar with Mr Carlo Monticelli, Council of Europe Development Bank. Mr Monticelli discussed his recent book Reforming Global Economic Governance: An Unsettled Order (Economics in the Real World) based on a long career as one of his country’s most senior representatives in international fora (20 June).


Professor Ruben Andersson was in dialogue with Professor Myria Georgiou to discuss his latest book No Go World: how fear is redrawing our maps and infecting our politicsThe event was chaired by Professor Erik Berglof (10 June).

Valeria Gontareva - Minouche Shafik_420x747

PLP event with Valeria Gontareva, IGA Senior Policy Fellow and former Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) on How to do a Comprehensive Banking ReformLSE Director Minouche Shafik chaired the event and Professor Erik Berglof delivered the opening remarks (6 June).

View PowerPoint presentation

Maha Hosain Aziz _300x300

Maha Hosain Azizspoke at Cyfy Africa where she discussed her new book Future World Order  with journalists, academics, tech leaders, UN officials and former policymakers, at the second annual Cyfy Africa conference on tech, innovation and society (7-9 June).

PB_L Cheng and C Pissarides_300x300

LSE IGA Power Breakfast SeriesChina in the AI World. Long Chen, Louhan Academy, and Christopher Pissarides,  Regius Professor of Economics at LSE, led a discussion on the interplay between digital technology and economic growth. Moderated by LSE IGA's Director Erik Berglof and Meghnad Desai, House of Lords (27 February).


Dr Mario I Blejer, LSE IGA Visiting Professor, contributes to TIE’s symposium on reforming the Federal Reserve in the Winter 2019 issue of The International Economy (3 April).

Read the article

EB_Financial Prey for the Populists_300x300

LSE IGA Director, Professor Erik Berglöf publishes "Financial Prey for the Populists" article in Project Syndicate (2 April).

Read the article

Seminar_Global Financial Safety Nets_300x300

High-level policy dialogue on The Financial Safety Net: Fit for Purpose? The seminar brought together a small number of senior policymakers, recognised experts and key participants from industry and civil society (2 April).

Vienna Initiative Anniversary Conference_300x300

LSE IGA's Director and Programme Director, Professor Erik Berglof and Piroska Nagy Mohacsi respectively, participated in panels during this year's Vienna Initiative Anniversary Conference (27 March).


Global China: LSE Institute of Global Affairs and the School of Public Policy hosted a meeting with the delegation of the Central Party School of China and the British Council (20 March).


Global Briefing Report B20 Tokyo Summit_300x300

The Global Policy Lab section in the Global Briefing Report issue of the B20 Summit was distributed during last week's B20 Business Summit in Tokyo. The insert features an overview of the Report of the G20 Eminent Persons Group on Global Financial Governance: Making the Global Financial System Work for All (14-15 March).

PB_R Rajan and N Ashraf_300x300

LSE IGA Power Breakfast SeriesNew framework for saving democracies: the Third Pillar. Raghuram Rajan, University of Chicago, and Nava Ashraf,  Professor of Economics at LSE, led a discussion with LSE IGA's Director Erik Berglof moderating (27 February).

PB_R Baldwin and R Crescenzi_300x300

LSE IGA Power Breakfast SeriesShifting grounds: globalisation, robotics and the upheaval of networks. Richard Baldwin, The Graduate Institute (Geneva), and Riccardo Crescenzi,  Professor of Economic Geography at LSE, led a discussion with LSE IGA's Director Erik Berglof moderating (27 February).

PL_R Baldwin_300x300

Professor Richard Baldwin,  The Graduate Institute (Geneva), discussed his latest book The Globotics Upheaval: Globalization, Robotics, and the Future of Work at an LSE public event chaired by Piroska Nagy Mohacsi, LSE IGA's Programme Director (26 February).

Listen to the podcast

Watch the video

PB_A Shleifer and C Goodhart_300x300

LSE IGA Power Breakfast SeriesBelieve it or not: financial instability and economic risk. Andrei Shleifer, John L. Loeb Professor of Economics at Harvard University, and Charles Goodhart, Professor of Finance at LSE, led a discussion with LSE IGA's Director Erik Berglof moderating (26 February).

Financial Resilience and Systemic Risk Conference_300x300

The Financial Resilience and Sistemic Risk Conference took place at LSE. Co-hosted by theInstitute of Global Affairs, the Financial Markets Groups and the Systemic Risk Centre (30-31 January). 

Conference summary, presentations and podcasts

Valeria Gontareva_300x300

Valeria Gontareva's, LSE IGA Senior Policy Fellow and Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) in 2014-2017, accomplishments featured in Central Banking article. The article, Transparency: National Bank of Ukrainepraises the strong progress of the NBU in improving its transparency during a highly challenging operating environment.

The Fatal Flaw of Central Europe’s Illiberal Democracies_300x300

LSE IGA Programme Director, Piroska Nagy-Mohacsi publishes "The Fatal Flaw of Central Europe's Illiberal Democracies" article in Project Syndicate (30 January).

Read the article

EB_The Continent_300x300

LSE IGA Director, Professor Erik Berglof, is interviewed by LSE's The Continent on the need for new multelateralism (13 January).

Watch the video

News 2018

Learning from China_300x300

LSE IGA Director, Professor Erik Berglöf publishes "Learning from China" article in Project Syndicate (24 December).

Manjula Luthria

Manjula Luthria, head of the World Bank’s Community of Practice on Migration, gave a talk on the Bank’s approach to global migration (19 November).

View Manjula Luthria's presentation here.

Dr Rania Al Mashat

Her Excellency Dr Rania Al Mashat, Minister of Tourism of the Arab Republic of Egypt spoke at the LSE on making tourism an anchor industry for development, with Professor Erik Berglof and Professor Sir Tim Besley (7 November).

EPG Report_300x300

The Report of the G20 Eminent Persons Group on Global Financial Governance: Making the Global Financial System Work for All has been published (October 2018).

Professor Erik Berglöf, Director, LSE IGA, was a member of the Secretariat of the Eminent Persons Group.

3 of the 16 members of the Eminent Persons Group are part of the LSE community:

Read the report

Global bookmark 500x281

LSE IGA Director, Professor Erik Berglöf publishes "The Evolution of Globalization" article in Project Syndicate (21 September).

High level scientific conference

Torsten Thiele, LSE IGA Visiting Fellow, participated in the Scientific Conference From COP21 towards the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) on 10-11 September in Paris, hosted by UNESCO. The conference summary can be accessed here .

RBWC Hamburg Institute

LSE IGA participated in RBWC and Hamburg Institute of International Economics' Dialogue of Continents Forum 2018: Drifts or Connectivity? on 3-5 September in Paris. Mario I Blejer contributing to panel on emerging market policies, Erik Berglof on inclusive growth, Piroska Nagy-Mohacsi on trade wars and Ousmene Mandeng on central bank digitalisation.

Torsten Thiele

Torsten Thiele, LSE IGA Visiting Fellow, co-authored the new IUCN deep-sea report titled "Deep seabed mining : a rising environmental challenge". It aims to stimulate interest in the deep ocean and the discussions surrounding its potential development, with a specific focus on the risks surrounding plans for deep-sea mining.

Ousmene Jacques Mandeng

Ousmène Jacques Mandeng, LSE IGA Visiting Fellow, spoke at the Fourth World Finance Forum in Beijing on 30 June, co-organised by Center for BRICS and Global Governance and Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee (click here for details).

Read Ousmène's comments: Is the dollar still international enough?

Gibril Faal, The Banker interview

Gibril Faal, LSE IGA Visiting Professor in Practice, was the keynote speech on 'The real impact of de-risking' at the 25th SWIFT African Regional Conference held in Kegali, Rwanda (22 June).

He was also interviewed by James King, The Banker Magazine, about the impact of de-risking on Africa and the need for a different approach to the development of AML/CFT frameworks. Watch the interview here.

Eurotragedy news

LSE IGA Power Breakfast SeriesEuroTragedy: a drama in nine acts (and counting). Ashoka Mody, Princeton University, and Francesco Caselli, LSE, led a discussion with LSE IGA's Director Erik Berglof moderating (19 May).

View Ashoka Mody's presentation here.

Reintegrating Europe 1

LSE IGA Arena hosted part II of its Democracy Doubleheader series on "Is this the new normal? Reintegrating Europe," with Ivan Krastev, Centre for Liberal Strategies - Sofia, Sergei Guriev, EBRD and Anne Applebaum, LSE IGA Arena (13 June).

Video available here.

Podcast available here

Mounk news

LSE IGA Arena hosted part I of its Democracy Doubleheader series on "Is this the new normal? Recreating the public sphere," with Yascha Mounk, Harvard Centre for European Studies, Sophie Gaston, and LSE IGA Arena's Anne Applebaum and Peter Pomerantsev (6 June).

Podcast available here


Dr Mario I Blejer, LSE IGA Visiting Professor, who co-chairs the B20 Task Force on "Financing Infrastructure", made a presentation at a meeting of the B20 Plenary of Task Forces in Paris on May 21-22-2018, hosted by the OECD. For more information click here.


The Ortygia Business School Center for Migration, LSE IGA, and the Alliance of Leading Universities on
Migration (ALUM) held its 3rd Annual Siracusa - ALUM Research Conference on
Migration, supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union on May 21-23 2018 in Siracusa, Italy. 

This year’s conference focused on human mobility and migrants’ contribution to society, and was dedicated to the memory of Peter Sutherland.

Gibril news

LSE IGA co-hosted Overprincipled and underperforming: The Global Compact for Migration and the challenge to multilateralism with LSE Firoz Lalji Centre for Africa. LSE IGA Director Erik Berglof chaired the discussion, which featured a presentation by LSE IGA Professor in Practice Professor Gibril Faal (17 May).

Read Professor Faal's paper: Overprincipled and Underperforming.

Click here  for podcast.

Russia stagnation PB

LSE IGA Power Breakfast SeriesRussia: Stagnation or reform?. Oksana AntonenkoLSE IGA Visiting Senior Fellow, and Sergei Guriev, Chief Economist of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, led a discussion with LSE IGA's Director Erik Berglof moderating (17 May).

Blue Fianance

LSE IGA visiting Fellow, Torsten Thiele, explains why better insurance is vital to protecting our ocean on his latest article in  Chinadialogue Ocean (9 May).

WaPo home

LSE IGA Professor in Practice Anne Applebaum publishes "The fake news Russians hear at home," The Washington Post (4 May).

Dambisa news

LSE IGA co-hosted "Edge of Chaos: why democracy is failing to deliver economic growth and how to fix it" with LSE Firoz Lalji Centre for Africa. LSE IGA Director Erik Berglof chaired the discussion, which was centred around Dambisa Moyo's new book (3 May).

Listen to the podcast 

MIT home

LSE IGA, together with LSE Latin America and Caribbean Centre, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) organised a
workshop and a public event on "Mind the Middle Income Trap!", focussing on the political economy/social
aspects of middle income transition and the risks of reversals. Click here for further details (26 April).

BBC Radio 4

LSE IGA Visiting Senior Fellow Oksana Antonenko discusses "Russian Expulsions" with Edward Lucas, Timothy Phillips and Sir Tony Brenton, BBC Radio 4 Long View (25 April).


LSE IGA Visiting Senior Fellow Oksana Antonenko discusses Putin's system of power on BBC Newsnight (watch from 13:30).


"China's best option to contribute toward upholding international order is through deep engagement with the rest of the world community," says LSE IGA Director, Erik Berglof, in China Daily (11 April).


LSE IGA Visiting Senior Fellow Oksana Antonenko gave a talk on the Russian elections today at Chatham House (21 March). Find out more.

maha UN

Newly appointed LSE IGA Visiting Fellow, Maha Aziz, speaks about tech's impact on global risk at the UN's General Assembly Hall, NYC (March 2018).


LSE IGA supports LSE student union events, co-hosting LSE SU North Korea Forum: Before He Presses the Button, March 24. LSE SU Korea Future Forum, LSE SU China Development Society and LSE SU Japan Society co-organized the conference, with IGA Programme Director Piroska Nagy-Mohácsi moderating the Economy panel and IGA Director Erik Berglof conducting the closing speech.


Maha Hosain Aziz

LSE IGA Visiting Fellow, Maha Aziz, publishes blog on “What’s Next for Islamist Terrorism Globally?” (March 22).


LSE IGA organised, along with LACC and RBWC and Banco Hipotecario a high level policy conference on the margins of the G20 meetings in Buenos Aires on March 20. The subject was “Innovations in Global Financial Governance & the Role of Emerging Economies”, bringing together academics, policy makers and business leaders.

The IGA team included Erik Berglof, Gareth Jones, Mario I. Blejer, and Ousmène Mandeng.

Click here to view the conference summary.


LSE IGA Visiting Senior Fellow Oksana Antonenko discusses UN Security Council meeting over former spy poisoning on BBC World News, (March 14).

Watch the video

MIT PB news

LSE IGA Power Breakfast Series: Mind the Middle Income Trap. Riccardo Crescenzi, Professor of Economic Geography at the LSE, and Sergei Guriev, Chief Economist of
the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, led a discussion on the Middle Income Trap and its position as the dominant paradigm in many emerging economies, with LSE IGA's Director Erik Berglof moderating, on March 14th.

View the slides


LSE IGA Visiting Senior Fellow Oksana Antonenko publishes Putin suspende en economía in Esglobal (March 14).

Piroska EMF

LSE IGA supports LSE student union events, the latest taking place on 9-10 March by LSE SU Emerging Markets, where IGA Programme Director Piroska Nagy-Mohácsi gave a presentation.

Download the slides 


LSE IGA Director, Erik Berglof, is interviewed by Eastday (China) in "Technology key to new stage of reform" article (5 March).


LSE IGA Professor in Practic  Anne Applebaum, publishes "In Europe, political parties would rather stay out of power" in the Washington Post (2 March).

Putin op-ed news

LSE IGA Visiting Senior Fellow Oksana Antonenko publishes op-ed in Politico- "Putin's worst enemy: Putin. He'll win reelection but that's when the real political battle begins" (28 February).

REddy news

LSE IGA Power Breakfast Series: Politics and central banking- reflections by YV Reddy. Dr. Yaga Venugopal Reddy, the 21st Governor of the Reserve Bank of India from 2003 to 2008, and previous Executive Director for India at the IMF, led a discussion based on his recently published memoir, "Advice & Dissent: My Life in Public Service." LSE Professor of Economics, Maitreesh Ghatak, accompanied Dr Reddy as co-speaker, with LSE IGA's Director Erik Berglof moderating (28 February).

Oksana oslo news

IGA Visiting Senior Fellow Oksana Antonenko spoke at the Oslo Energy Forum on 16 February on the impact of current geo-politics on the prospects of a successful transition to a low- carbon economy and how the on-going energy transition shapes geopolitics.

Andras news

LSE IGA hosted a panel with Hungary's Momentum party leader, András Fekete-Győr, on "Seizing the Momentum: Fighting Populism in Europe." LSE IGA Visiting Senior Fellow, Oksana Antonenko chaired the panel discussion, which was led by LSE IGA Professor in Practice, Anne Applebaum.

Watch the video


Anne Applebaum, LSE IGA Professor in Practice and Director of Arena, speaks to BBC Newsnight about Robert Mueller's indictments (16 February).

Watch the video (from 1:15)

Piroska Oxford

Piroska Nagy-Mohacsi, LSE IGA Programme Director, presented at the seminar by the Political Economy of Financial Markets (PEFM) at St Antony’s College, University of Oxford on post-crisis regulation, titled "Elephants in the Post-Crisis Regulatory Room(12 February ).

Click here for the slides

Watch the video


Anne Applebaum, LSE IGA Professor in Practice, publishes "In Britain, the specter of anti-Semitism returns" in The Washington Post (9 February).

Yves Mersch news 2

LSE IGA, LSE Enterprise and OMFIF hosted Yves Mersch, member of the European Central Bank’s executive board. He presented Virtual or virtueless? The evolution of money in the digital age, a lecture on central banks and digital currencies, as well as the development of private cryptocurrencies and potential applications of distributed ledger technology (8 February).

Read his speech here.

View the lecture

Arena news




The Times' Edward Lucas reports on upheaval in the media caused by the internet and threats to democracy, following Anne Applebaum and Peter Pomerantsev's LSE IGA Arena launch (7 February).

Read the article 

Anne A Arena Launch

Anne Applebaum, LSE IGA Professor in Practice, introduced LSE Arena, an initiative which analyses the root causes of distorted information, polarisation and hate speech and creates the counter response.

Professor Applebaum chaired this event which brought together parliamentarians, technologists and journalists to explain the multi-faceted threat disinformation poses to democracy and outlined Arena’s strategy for building a practical response. The panel discussed the role of policy-makers, tech companies and activists in combatting disinformation in the twenty-first century as well as outline LSE Arena’s role in this debate.

The panel was comprised of:

  • Peter Pomerantsev, Senior Fellow at the LSE IGA, an author and TV producer. He specialises on propaganda and media development.

  • Liam Byrne MP, British Labour Party politician who has been Member of Parliament for Birmingham Hodge Hill since 2004. He is the Shadow Digital Minister. Before entering politics, Liam was a Fulbright Scholar at the Harvard Business School and a technology entrepreneur.

  • Baroness Shields (Joanna Shields), OBE, British-American technology industry veteran who served as a UK Minister for Internet Safety and Security and Under-Secretary of State from 2015-2017. In 2016, Baroness Shields was appointed the Prime Minister’s Special Representative on Internet Safety.

Listen to the podcast

China Development Forum

The LSESU China Development Society and the Institute of Global Affairs hosted the 10th annual China Development Forum on Saturday, 3 February. Under the theme of ‘China’s Perspectives Redefined’ this sold out all-day student-led conference attracted 20 world-renowned speakers from across the globe to consider and debate, before an audience of 460, the challenges facing China today. Speakers included: Gordon Orr, Isabel Hilton, Keyu Jin, Martin Jacques, Xialon Fu, Robert Litwak, Xiheng Jiang and Erik Berglof.

Read the full conference programme

Stockholm Mattis

LSE IGA Director, Professor Erik Berglof, gave a lecture on global financial governance in Stockholm (31 January).

Ning PB News

LSE IGA Power Breakfast Series: China’s guaranteed bubble and its global implications. Professor Ning Zhu, Deputy Dean and Professor of Finance at the Tsinghua School of Finance, led a discussion on China’s current economic practices and the profound dangers they pose, moderated by LSE IGA Director Erik Berglof (30 January).

Download the presentation

Funes news

LSE IGA co-hosted a discussion with the LSE Latin America and Caribbean Centre and the Embassy of the Argentine Republic on "How can the private sector help reform global governance?", led by Dr Funes de Rioja, B20 Chair under G20 Presidency of Argentina. With commentary from LSE IGA Visiting Professor Dr Mario Blejer and closing remarks from LSE Professor Gareth Jones (29 January).

Download the presentation

Davos 1

LSE IGA’s team had a good showing in Davos’ World Economic Forum this year. IGA Director Erik Berglof, Visiting LSE IGA Professors Mario Blejer and Brad Blitz, and Programme Director Piroska Nagy-Mohacsi presented and participated at various  events. See more on Twitter at @NagyMohacsi and @ErikBerglof.

Oksana Antonenko

Oksana Antonenko, LSE IGA Visiting Fellow, publishes "US-Russia-Turkey Dynamics in Syria After ‘Olive Branch’: One Door Closes Another Opens" in Russia Matters (26 January).

shahin macroforum news 1

LSE IGA hosted a discussion on the “The Outlook for the Banking Union: Completion or Redesign?" led by Nicolas Veron, Senior Fellow at Bruegel in Brussels, and Shahin Vallee, Soros Foundation. On the photo from left Richard Portes, Erik Berglof, Nicholas Veron, Arnaud Mares and Shahin Vallee (22 January).


LSE IGA Director, Professor Erik Berglöf, spoke with China Daily on President Xi Jinping’s historic 2017 speech at the World Economic Forum, Davos (23 January) .

Read the article

Tilman Altenburg Breakfast News 2

Tilman Altenburg and Anna Pegels of the German Development Institute presented at an IGA breakfast seminar on their paper, "Green Industrial Policy: Concept, Policies, Country Experiences". They say, “green industrial policy is the first industrial revolution with a deadline" (19 January).

Read the report 


Anne Applebaum, LSE IGA Professor in Practice and Director of Arena, publishes "The America Europe needs right now is missing" in The Washington Post (11 January).

Oksana Brown Bag

LSE IGA Visiting Fellow, Oksana Antonenko, led a Brown Bag Seminar centred around "Russian Presidential Elections: Continuity and Change" (17 January ). 

Download the presentation

Peter P Mirage of Populism

IGA Arena's Peter Pomerantsev recently publishes "The Seven Ages of Revolution" (11 January 2018) and "The Mirage of Populism" in The American Interest (22 December).

Duncan Clark Alibaba News

LSE IGA Visiting Senior Fellow, Duncan Clark, publishes "China is shaping the future of global tech," in the Financial Times (12 January).


IGA Arena's Peter Pomerantsev has been interviewed by El Pais “Los Gobiernos deben tomarse muy en serio la desinformación”. Read the article in Spanish here (1 January).


News 2017


LSE IGA Director, Professor Erik Berglöf publishes "The Evolution of the Refugee Crisis" article in Project Syndicate (27 December).


Jawad Iqbal, LSE IGA Visiting Senior Fellow, publishes article, "If Pakistan doesn’t protect Christians we should cut aid" in The Times (27 December).

Erik Berglof and Chong En Bai

LSE IGA, Tsinghua University and CF40 co-organised a workshop on Liberalisation and Financial Resilience in a Global Context [view workshop agenda]. LSE speakers included Professor Keyu Jin, Economics, Professor Erik Berglof, Economics and IGA, and Piroska Nagy-Mohacsi, IGA. 

View photos


Brad Blitz

Brad Blitz, LSE IGA Visiting Professor, has been appointed as Director of the British Academy’s programme on Tackling Slavery, Human Trafficking and Child Labour in Modern Business


Blue Planet Champions

LSE IGA Visiting Fellow Torsten Thiele's organisation, Global Ocean Trust, contributes to open letter to UK goverment. It calls to action all Blue Planet Champions, following Season II's finale, published in The Daily Telegraph, December 11. Torsten also comments on "need for an ambitious ocean-science patronage" at One Planet Summit (12 December).


Make Germany Great Again

Report - “Make Germany Great Again”

New LSE Arena and ISD report examines Kremlin and other influences on the German elections.

Read the report

Charles Goodhart and Manoj Pradhan

LSE IGA PowerBreakfast SeriesThe Great Reversal - Demographics driving global trends, Professor Charles Goodhart, LSE and Manoj Pradhan, Talking Heads Macro, led a discussion moderated by Lord Desai. The conversation was centered around their BIS paper: "Demographics will reverse three multi-decade globaltrends" (7 December).


Duncan Clark Channel News Asia

Duncan Clark, LSE IGA Visiting Fellow, was interviewed on Singapore’s Channel News Asia earlier this week about the 4th World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, China.



IGA Arena's Peter Pomerantsev publishes article, "Russia, misinformation and social networks," in El Pais (December 4th) and features in The Economist article, "How the Russia investigation looks from Moscow" (30 November).


Photo 5

LSE IGA organised a public panel on "Politics and Political Opposition in Russia," with participation by Vladimir Kara-Murza, Professor Richard Sakwa, Professor Tomila Lankina and Vladimir Ashurkov, chaired by LSE IGA Visiting Fellow, Oksana Antonenko. It was followed by the screening of Vladimir Kara-Murza's documentary film, "Nemtsov."

Listen to podcast

Elod Takats News

Dr Elod Takats of the BIS presented at the IGA MacroForum event on the effectiveness of macroprudential policy over cross-border lending, with comments by Christina Segal-Knowles, Bank of England.

Read the presentation and paper.


Peter Pomarantsev, LSE IGA Senior Fellow, features in New York Times article, "We’re All Part of Trump’s Show," which addresses  President Trump and President Putin's media manipulation tactics.


Populism & Time Inconsistency

"Populism and Time Inconsistency", article by Mario Blejer, LSE IGA Visiting Professor in Practice, and Piroska Nagy-Mohacsi, LSE IGA Programme Director is published in ProMarketThe blog of the Stigler Center at the University of ChicagoBooth School of Business.

Read the article

Gibril Faal

Gibril Faal, LSE IGA Visiting Professor in Practice, has contributed to the UN Secretary-General's Report on Refugees and Migrants, with “Overprincipled and Underperforming, Why we need a practice-based Global Compact on Migration.”

Read the document


Mario Blejer, LSE IGA Visiting Professor, and Piroska Nagy-Mohacsi, LSE IGA Programme Director, have published in CEPR Vox an article on how populist leaders exploit democracies’ ‘time inconsistency’ problem; and they propose counter-measures.

Read the article


Anne Applebaum, LSE IGA Professor in Practice and Director of Arena, discusses the best way to deal with Russian twitter trolls on Newsnight, 14 November (watch from 7:24).

Watch the video

Piroska Albania panel 300x300

Piroska Nagy-Mohacsi, LSE IGA Programme Director, participated in a conference on financial sector reforms hosted by the Bank of Albania (9 November).

Download presentation

Alumn event 2017 flyer

The 4th Conference of the Alliance of Leading Universities on Migration (ALUM) –Universities Responding to the Refugee Crisis, hosted by the AUB Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs, was featured in Lebanon’s An-Nahar newspaper article.


Red Famine US Cover

LSE IGA Professor in Practice and Director of Arena, Anne Applebaum’s latest book, 'Red Famine: Stalin's war on Ukraine', has been widely publicized.

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs
Harvard Gazette

Antonovych prize:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine 

Book Reviews:
The New York Times
The Washington Post 

New York Public Library
University of Toronto

Torsten Thiele

LSE Visiting Fellow Torsten Thiele delivers a keynote this week in Brussels on "Achieving Impact from Marine Research”, before heading to the UNFCCC COP23 in Bonn.

He will be making the case for investment into ocean solutions to climate challenges. His speech at the Ocean Action Day 11 November is entitled: Innovative finance for ocean and climate.


Peter Pomerantsev, Visiting Senior Fellow at the LSE IGA, discussed Russian misinformation on social media on the Newsnight segment of 31 October (watch at minute 22).

Watch the video


Listen to Stalin and the Ukraine Famine - Anne Applebaum from Dan Snow's HISTORY HIT in Podcasts.

DelCastillo lecture

Dr Graciana del Castillo, Senior Fellow at the Ralph Bunche Institute and member of the Council on Foreign Relations gave a public lecture at LSE, co-hosted by the Institute of Global Affairs, the Latin America and Caribbean Centre and the Firoz Lalji Centre for Africa. Dr del Castillo discussed her new book Obstacles to Peacebuilding which focuses on “economic transition” and “the political economy” of peace, which is a much-neglected aspect of peacebuilding (25 October).

Listen to podcast

Watch the video.

McGregor lecture

Richard McGregor, award-winning journalist and author reporting on the top-level politics and economies of east Asia, gave an LSE IGA Public lecture on his new book 'China, Japan and the fate of U.S. Power in the Pacific Century’ (19 October).

Listen to podcast.


Professor Erik Berglof, LSE Economics and Director of the Institute for Global Affairs, spoke with China Daily on the occasion of China's Communist Party's Congress, you will find this in the following articles:

Analysts agree that vision puts China on right track

Experts, officials highlight report's contributions

IGA IMF World Bank

LSE IGA co-organised with Deutsche Bank and RBWC an illustrious panel of current and former central bankers and academics during the IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings in Washington DC 11-15 October. The panel discussed the key risks emerging economies face as the US Federal Reserve is tightening its monetary policy. The LSE IGA team also engaged in various discussions and Professor Erik Berglof participated in the new G20 Eminent Persons Group (EPG) deliberations.

Wow event 2017

LSE IGA hosted the third meeting under the Beneficial Ownership Project, Who Owns What (WOW) on October 5th, with participation from the UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), leading NGOs and academics.


LSE Arena have worked together with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue to monitor online influence in the German elections. Our research has been published extensively in German media. Read here a selection.


Professor Erik Berglof, LSE Economics and Director of the Institute for Global Affairs, spoke at the recent 'The Economist' EuroFinance conference in Barcelona on Eurozone's challenges.

Applebaum public lecture Ukraine

Anne Applebaum, Professor in Practice at LSE IGA and Director of Arena, gave an LSE Public lecture on her new book 'Red Famine: Stalin's war on Ukraine'. It chronicles Stalin’s systemic extermination of Ukraine’s peasantry and intellectuals  during the 1932/33 famine, aimed to undermine nationalism and statehood of that country.

Listen to the podcast

IDB logo

The Inter-American Development Bank and the London School of Economics Announce their Partnership

The Inter-American Development Bank Group (IDB Group) and the LSE Latin America and Caribbean Centre (LACC) announced their partnership agreement through a memorandum of understanding to promote programs and projects that foster cooperation between them given their common focus on and work in Latin American and Caribbean region (4 October).

Sachs and Stern

LSE PowerBreakfast Series: Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs, University of Columbia and Professor Lord Nicholas Stern, LSE led a discussion on 3 October on Fit for Purpose? Reforming Global Financial Governance.

Nasser Yassin

Professor Nasser Yassin, from the American University of Beirut (AUB) gave a presentation at the LSE IGA on 28 September about AUB’s research and policy engagement activities under the AUB4Refugees initiative.

JZettelmeyer 2017

Dr Jeromin Zettelmeyer, Senior Fellow at Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE), LSE IGA Senior Visiting Fellow and former Director General at the Ministry of Economy and Energy in Germany gave a luncheon presentation at the LSE IGA MacroForum on September 28 titled After the 2017 elections: towards a Franco-German Grand Bargain on Euro area reform.

Uri Shani at LSE

The Institute of Global Affairs and the Grantham Research Institute hosted a joint seminar on 20 September with a talk by Professor Uri Shani of Hebrew University and former head of the Israeli water authority on the subject  From Water Wars to Cooperation in the Middle East.


Jawad Iqbal, visiting fellow at IGA, has published an article on China in today's The Times.

Torsten at DOSI

LSE Visiting Fellow Torsten Thiele contributed to the report: Partnering for a Sustainable Ocean: the Role of Regional Ocean Governance in Implementing SDG14.

He also spoke at the recent Deep Ocean Stewardship Initiative (DOSI) meeting in Woods Hole (see picture).


Jawad Iqbal, visiting fellow at IGA, has published in the Financial Times the op-ed piece  'India and Pakistan are still paying for a botched partition'.

North Korea event poster

Podcasts are now available from all the panels from the student-led conference "North Korea: Beyond the Headlines" supported by the IGA back in March. The event brought together leading scholars, politicians, journalists and NGOs from around the world and students from across the United Kingdom. Read a summary of the themes. An e-book with the conference proceedings will be published in the autumn. In the meantime, you can listen to our panels below:

Welcome and Objectives

Panel 1& 2- ‘North Korea in a global and regional geopolitical context’ and ‘Economic changes- marketization and reforms’

Panel 3- ‘How to engage with North Korea and its people?’  

Panel 4- ‘Korean unification- prospects and challenges’ and key takeaways & closing remarks

Mapping refugee integration

War and violence drive 80% of people fleeing to Europe by sea, not economics 

The vast majority of people arriving in Europe by sea are fleeing persecution, war and famine, while less than a fifth are economic migrants suggests a new report published by LSE IGA Visiting Professors Brad Blitz and Eleonore Kofman. For the full report click here: Mapping Refugee Reception in the Mediterranean.


LSE IGA Visiting Senior Fellow Jawad Iqbal in the FT on the need to rethink the way we tackle the growing challenges of prison radicalisation.


LSE IGA Professor in Practice Anne Applebaum on CNN on Donald Trump’s speech in Warsaw and his emphasis of the importance of protecting western values from oppression.


LSE IGA Director Erik Berglof's recent piece in the  Project Syndicate examines how emerging markets can be saved from Trumpian populism.


IGA Professor in Practice Anne Applebaum talks to the Washington Post about the real story in the Netherlands being the implosion of the centre-left. Read the article.


LSE IGA, along with its constituent centre LACC, the Institute for New Economic thinking (INET) and Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE) organised a major Thought Leaders Event on Fractures in Globalisation & Implications for Emerging Economies  on June 19 in Mexico City during the 18th World Congress of the International Economic Association (IEA). The event received large media coverage; you can find the media report.


Mario Blejer, Visiting Professor at LSE IGA, contributed to the Spring volume of the International Economy, along with 40 renowned experts, on the topic Has the World Been Fitted with a Debt Straightjacket? Read the publication.


LSE IGA's collaboration with MigrationMatters and their first ever course: 'Six Impossible Ideas (After Brexit)' has won the Special Multimedia Award at last week's Migration Media Award 2017 ceremony in Malta. 


LSE IGA met with a delegation of members of the Budgetary Committee of Germany’s Parliament (Bundestag) for the second time on 12 June, to discuss Brexit related issues following the recent UK election. The LSE team included Director Professor Erik BerglofSimon HixJawad IqbalDaniel Sturm and Torsten Thiele


LSE IGA hosted a joint event on 23 May in London with the International Transport Forum at the OECD, which, in collaboration with the UK National Infrastructure Commission (NIC), recently published a report on Strategic Infrastructure Planning: International Best Practice. There were presentations by the OECD, Oxford University, LSE, EBRD and Meridiam. The report was introduced by Philip Graham, the CEO of the NIC. Read the report.


LSE IGA hosted renowned political economist Tarek Osman on 22 May to present his new book Islamism, the political form of Islam: what it means and why we may witness a pluralisation of Islam in the Middle East as millineals are exposed to social media and new technology.


Dr Marten Blix of the Research Institute of Industrial Economics delivered a lecture to the LSE Migration Working Group on migration and digitalisation, and its implications for fiscal policy and challenges to the welfare state, drawing on his recent book Digitalization, Immigration and the Welfare State. A summary by Dr Blix will be available shortly.


LSE IGA marked the launch of its Global Policy Lab (G-POL)  on 16 May with a economics star-studded event, featuring Professor Raghuram RajanLord Adair TurnerLord Nicholas SternProfessor Philippe AghionProfessor Sergei GurievAssistant Professor Keyu JinVisiting Professor Mario BlejerMichael Sohlman and Duncan ClarkProfessor Erik Berglof

Read more about LSE IGA’s Global Policy Lab. 

Check the full event