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Our PhD students are affiliated to our three research clusters.

Current students 

Economic Geography

Environmental Economics and Policy

Urbanisation, Planning and Development


Past graduates  



Matthew Agarwala

PhD in Environmental Economics
Thesis: Natural capital accounting and the measurement of sustainability. 

Julius Andersson

PhD in Environmental Economics
Thesis: The environmental and distributional effects of carbon taxes. 

Joel Atherton

PhD in Environmental Policy and Development
Thesis: Capturing public views on complex and unfamiliar goods: chemical water pollution in England and Wales. 

Filippo Boeri

PhD in Economic Geography
Thesis: Essays in urban economics and international trade.

J. Eduardo Ibarra-Olivo

PhD in Economic Geography
Thesis: The economic geography of foreign direct investment and human capital in Mexican regions. 

Elisabetta Pietrostefani

PhD in Regional and Urban Planning
Thesis: Essays in planning policy and urban economics.

Cong Peng

PhD in Economic Geography
Thesis: Essays on urban and development economics. 

Jordana Ramalho

PhD in Human Geography and Urban Studies
Thesis: Risk, resilience and responsibilisation: gendered participation and empowerment in informal settlements of Metro Cebu, the Philippines. 

Lutz Sager

PhD in Environmental Economics
Thesis: Inequality, consumer choice, and the environment. 

Alexandra Sotiriou

PhD in Economic Geography
Thesis: The effects of trade integration and outward foreign direct investment: a regional and industry-level empirical investigation. 



Theses for previous years' PhD candidates are available via LSE Theses Online.