Ka Chi  Yip

Ka Chi Yip

PhD candidate in Regional and Urban Planning Studies

Department of Geography and Environment

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Key Expertise
Urban planning, Planning regulation, Cities, Urbanisation, Hong Kong

About me

Ka Chi is a PhD student in Regional and Urban Planning Studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science. His research focuses on land, housing and urban planning issues in East Asia and Southeast Asia. Particularly, he is interested in how the discursive narratives of ‘land scarcity’ influence planning decisions and urbanisation experiences in Hong Kong and Singapore. His secondary research interests range from land and housing crises, planning/built environment deregulation to urban/housing informality in East and Southeast Asia.

Ka Chi has been an urban researcher and urban planner. Prior to joining the department in 2022, he worked as a researcher at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong and Lingnan University. His previous research experiences focused on strategic spatial planning, community-led planning and urban/housing informality in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shenzhen. He also practised as an urban planner in an international integrated built environment consulting firm in Hong Kong.

Ka Chi holds a master’s degree in International Planning (with distinction) at The Bartlett School of Planning, UCL (University College London), and a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

Research interests

  • Urban Land Rent and Asian Urbanisation
  • Urban Planning and Governance
  • Land and Housing Crises
  • Planning/Built Environment Deregulation and Urban Informality
  • Comparative Urban/Planning Studies


  • Yau, Y., & Yip, K. C. (2022). No More Illegal Subdivided Units? A Game-Theoretical Explanation of the Failure of Building Control in Hong Kong. Buildings, 12(7), 1005. Read paper
  • Yau, Y., Hou, H., Yip, K. C., & Qian, Q. K. (2021). Transaction Cost and Agency Perspectives on Eco-Certification of Existing Buildings: A Study of Hong Kong. Energies, 14(19), 6375. Read paper


  • LSE PhD Studentship


  • Prof Hyun Bang Shin
  • Dr Nancy Holman

Expertise Details

Urban planning; Strategic spatial planning; Urban policy; Comparative urban studies