Alexandra Gomes

Alexandra Gomes

Research Fellow

LSE Cities

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English, Portuguese, Spanish
Key Expertise
Cities, Socio-spatial Analysis, Sustainability, Urban Planning

About me

Alexandra Gomes is a Research Fellow and responsible for coordinating LSE Cities’ spatial analysis across a range of projects. She has strong interdisciplinary skills within urban studies and focuses her work on socio-spatial comparative analysis, urban policy, urban inequalities, urban health, sustainable mobility, public space, urban sensescapes analysis, and visual communication. She has experience leading and coordinating research experience across different scales of analysis and within different geographies, from Europe to the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Prior to joining LSE Cities, she worked as a Research Assistant at The Bartlett School of Planning and Geography Departments at UCL. She holds an MSc (Res) in Sociology and Development Planning from ISCTE-IUL and an MEng in Urban Engineering from IST-UL (Portugal). In Portugal she also worked in spatial planning, sustainable transport mobility and spatial analysis at CESUR – Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon University. She is currently completing her PhD at UCL Bartlett School of Planning, where she is developing a multi-sensory framework to the analysis of urban public space, while also tutoring in urban planning modules at the Bartlett Planning UCL. 

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Expertise Details

Urban studies; Global cities; Socio-spatial analysis; GIS and mapping; Data analytics; City planning and design; Strategic planning; Urban mobility; Public space