Public Space in Kuwait: From User Behaviour to Policy-making

Developing a Method for the Analysis of Public Space in Kuwait’s Residential Neighbourhoods

Principal Investigators: Alexandra Gomes and Dr Asseel Al-Ragam
Duration: January 2019–February 2022

Public space in Kuwait
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Kuwait’s urbanisation patterns are leading to higher levels of motorisation with negative impacts on individual health and the environment. As a consequence, re-evaluating urban development mechanisms becomes extremely vital. This project addresses the need for significant change in planning urban public space that would influence healthier individual behaviour and environmentally-friendly mobility patterns.

Building upon the Resource Urbanisms project, this exploration is the result of early investigations on the relationship between the built environment and the use of public space. With the World Health Organization appealing for an increase in physical activity of individuals, this project will explore the impact neighbourhood layout and urban design elements have on outdoor activities and individual behaviour. It aims to examine the variables that generate liveable and successful public space and propose methods to integrate these results into evidence-based policymaking, for more sustainable urban development in Kuwait. Two neighbourhoods in Kuwait will be explored to define the tools that would promote the necessary change.

The end goal is to encourage sociability and walkability that would improve the experiential quality of public space in existing neighbourhoods, and to recommend evidence-based policies for new neighbourhoods being designed and developed for the future. A new approach to urban design policies will help diversify a post–oil economy, create healthier opportunities for urban living and encourage environmentally sustainable public space.


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Reclaiming Public Space in Kuwait's Residential Neighbourhoods: An Applied Policy-Oriented Approach

Alexandra Gomes, Asseel Al-Ragam and Sharifa Alshalfan, March 2021

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Alexandra Gomes, Tanushree Agarwal, Asseel Al-Ragam and Sharifa Alshalfan, February 2021

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Principal Investigators

Alexandra Gomes

Alexandra Gomes

Alexandra is a Research Fellow in LSE Cities.

Asseel Al-Ragam

Dr Asseel Al-Ragam

Asseel is Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Research and Graduate Studies, at the College of Architecture, Kuwait University.

Consultants and researchers

Sharifa Al Shalfan

Sharifa Alshalfan


Fouda, Alaa

Alaa Fouda


Sheref, Nouralhuda

Nouralhuda Sheref


Roach Penn, Mia

Mia Roach Penn


Agarwal, Tanushree

Tanushree Agarwal





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