(De)constructing health & wellbeing through data

An analytical project exploring data interdependencies and socio-spatial connections to understand how the physical environment impacts health and well-being.

This project is the result of a collaborative effort between LSE DSI, LSE Cities, the Ordnance Survey (OS) and the National Health Service (NHS England Data & Analytics team). It has the objective of exploring the different dimensions necessary to improve the mapping of spatial health inequalities in England in an integrated manner. It seeks to examine the complexity of the system involving environmental determinants of health and their relationships with geography, behaviour, and socio-economic and health groups. Understanding how these elements contribute differently to defining conditions that impact the well-being of individuals.

Ultimately, this project aims to identify gaps in spatial data and suggest areas for improvement. By doing so, it seeks to provide valuable support to academics, practitioners, designers, and policy-makers in their respective fields.

Project members

Alexandra Gomes

Alexandra Gomes - Principal Investigator
Research Fellow, LSE Cities

Vanessa Galeano-Duque 200x200

Vanessa Galeano-Duque
Researcher, LSE DSI

Nicole Hemeryck 200x200

Nicole Hemeryck
Researcher, LSE DSI

Travis Yip 200x200

Travis Yip
Researcher, LSE DSI

Jeremy-Morley 200x200

Jeremy Morley - Senior Advisor and OS project manager
Chief Geospatial Scientist, Ordnance Survey

Ian Goodwin 200x200

Iain Goodwin - Senior Advisor
Strategic Development Manager for Health & Social Care, Ordnance Survey

Robert Shaw 200x200

Robert Shaw - Senior Advisor
Head of Analytics, NHS England



Advisory Board Members



Professor Ken Benoit
Director, LSE Data Science Institute

Philipp Rode

Dr. Philipp Rode
Executive Director, LSE Cities


Professor Alistair McGuire
Head of Department, LSE Department of Health Policy





LSE Research Host 
LSE Data Science Institute (LSE DSI)

Project Investigator
Alexandra Gomes, LSE Cities 
Project Team Members
Vanessa Gaeleano-Duque; Nicole Hemeryck; Travis Yip; Jeremy Morley; Iain Goodwin; Robert Shaw
Project Collaborations
Ordnance Survey; NHS England
Project Funders
Ordnance Survey (OS) as part of the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement
Research strand
Cities, Space and Society
April 2023 - March 2024