Office Hours | Autumn Term

Week 1 Autumn Term: Begins on 25th September 2023

Office hours are offered in a variety of formats by our faculty. Where a session is walk-in there is no need to pre-book as these sessions are first come, first served during the times indicated.

Where sessions are by appointment only you will need to book a slot on the Student Hub (where indciated) or by emailing the member of faculty.

Times and days given are for term time only.

If the times given by a member of faculty are not suitable you can email them to discuss if there are possible alternative times you can meet.

Office Hours - Full Time Faculty

 Last updated: September 2023


Office hours


Dr Per Ahblom

By appointment only, please email p.s.ahblom@lse.ac.uk

MAR 3.18

Prof Alnoor Bhimani

By appointment only, please email a.bhimani@lse.ac.uk

MAR 3.21

Dr Jose Carabias 

By appointment only, please email J.M.Carabias-Palmeiro@lse.ac.uk

MAR 3.41

Dr Stefano Cascino

By appointment only, please email s.cascino@lse.ac.uk

MAR 3.37

Dr Furkan Cetin

By appointment only, please email f.m.cetin@lse.ac.uk

MAR 3.42

Dr Maria Correia

By appointment only, please email m.m.correia@lse.ac.uk

MAR 3.38

Dr Pascal Frantz 

By appointment only, please email p.frantz@lse.ac.uk

MAR 3.30

Dr Saipriya Kamath

By appointment only, please email s.kamath2@lse.ac.uk

MAR 3.35

Dr Gulnaz Khamidullina

Tuesdays: 1-2pm
Thursdays: 2-3pm

Book via the Student Hub 


MAR 3.26

Dr Jeroen Koenraadt

By appointment only email j.k.koenraadt@lse.ac.uk

MAR 3.34

Dr Xi Li

By appointment only, please email xi.li@lse.ac.uk 

MAR 3.40

Dr Nadia Matringe

By appointment only, please email n.matringe@lse.ac.uk

MAR 3.19

Dr Andrea Mennicken 

Week 1: Thursday 1.30-3.30pm
Weeks 2-5: Wednesdays 8.30-10.30am
Book via the Student Hub

Week 6 onwards by appointment only, please email a.m.mennicken@lse.ac.uk

MAR 3.24

Dr Julia Morley

Wednesdays: 10-11am
Thursdays: 10-11am

Book via the Student Hub


MAR 3.22

Dr Jacob Ott

By appointment only, please email j.ott1@lse.ac.uk 

MAR 3.31

Dr Tommaso Palermo  

By appointment only, please email t.palermo@lse.ac.uk

MAR 3.23

Prof Michael Power   

By appointment only, please email M.K.Power@lse.ac.uk

MAR 3.43

Dr Aneesh Raghunandan

By appointment only, please email a.raghunandan@lse.ac.uk

MAR 3.39

Dr Alexa Scherf

By appointment only, please email a.a.scherf@lse.ac.uk

MAR 3.32

Prof Ane Tamayo

By appointment only, please email a.m.tamayo@lse.ac.uk

MAR 3.36

Dr Oscar Timmermans

By appointment only, please email o.timmermans@lse.ac.uk

MAR 3.33

Office Hours - Guest Teachers and Academic Mentors

Guest Teachers Autumn Term Office Hours (OH) | Academic Mentors (AM) Academic Support Hours

Last updated: September 2023.

Please email to confirm location.





Chris Constantinou


Wednesdays: 10-12pm

By appointment, please email.

MAR 3.15

Khamid Irgashev


Tuesdays: 5-6pm

Book via Student Hub

MAR 3.10/MAR 3.05

Athur Kraft


Wednesdays: 1.45-2.45pm

MAR 3.14

Yinan Li


Thursdays: 2.30-3.30pm

MAR 3.10

Kathyayini Madduri


Mondays: 2.30-3.30pm

Book via the Student Hub

MAR 3.10

Imran Malik


Tuesdays: 5.30-6pm and 8-8.30pm

MAR 3.10/MAR 3.05

Thomas McDermott


Tuesdays: 1.30-2.30pm

MAR 3.10/MAR 3.04

Ebrahim Mohamed


Wednesdays: 1-3pm

MAR 3.13

Rodrigo Souza


Tuesdays: 6-7pm

MAR 3.12/MAR 3.05

Muhammad Tahir


Wednesdays: 1-3pm

MAR 3.10/MAR 3.04

David Trodden


Tuesdays: 11-3pm

Book via the Student Hub

MAR 3.11

For further information, please visit PSS Office (MAR 3.07) or email Accounting@lse.ac.uk