About us

We aim to be the leading research based department on the economic, institutional and organisational aspects of accounting and financial management

The Department of Accounting continues to enjoy a reputation as one of the leading groups in the world for teaching and research on the economic, institutional and organisational aspects of  accounting and financial management.

About LSE Accounting About LSE Accounting

Our Commitment

Maintaining and advancing our leading international reputation
for teaching and research is our top priority, and thus, we are

  • To enhance still further the quality of the student experience in our programmes at both the undergraduate and graduate level, such as by maintaining effective student-faculty ratios and ensuring an appropriate balance and mix of students to maintain diversity and quality of the educational experience.
  • To strengthen further our outstanding research environment through research seminars, visitors and strong links with other departments, research centres and external constituencies, making it possible to study relevant accounting issues within the rich context of the social sciences in line with the School's intellectual tradition.

We are proud about the diversity in everything we do, as it is the key to our competitive advantage locally as well as globally. We therefore strive to continue to combine 'global appeal' with a distinctive 'European orientation' in terms of institutional knowledge and affiliations as well as intellectual traditions.

History of Accounting

If you would like to get an insight into a variety of expert views on the history of accounting, what has shaped it, and how it has helped to shape the modern world, listen to Jolyon Jenkins’s 10-part series on Radio 4 in 2010: A Brief History of Double Entry Book-keeping It includes interviews with two of our LSE professors, Richard Macve and Basil Yamey, and is available to listen to here:

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