Dr Tommaso Palermo

Dr Tommaso Palermo

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Department of Accounting

+44 (0)20 7849 4630
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MAR 3.23
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Key Expertise
Risk Regulation, Performance Management Processes, Risk Culture

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Current research interests

  • Risk and performance management processes
  • Risk culture in financial sector organizations
  • Risk reporting and analysis in the aviation sector
  • Risk regulation and the creation of markets for contested commodities


Academic articles

  • Martinez, D., Pflueger, D., Palermo, T. (2022). Accounting and the territorialization of markets: A field study of the Colorado cannabis market. Accounting, Organizations and Society, in press, Read article
  • Pflueger, D., Palermo, T., Martinez, D. (2019). Thinking infrastructure and the organization of markets: The creation of a legal market for cannabis in Colorado, Research in the Sociology of Organizations 62, 233–253, Read article 
  • Palermo, T. (2018), Accounts of the future: a multiple-case study of scenarios in planning and management control processes, Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management, Read article
  • Arena, M., Arnaboldi, M., Palermo, T. (2017). The dynamics of (dis)integrated risk management: A comparative field study, Accounting, Organizations and Society 62, 65-81, Read article
  • Palermo, T., Power, M., Ashby, S. (2017). Navigating institutional complexity: The production of risk culture in the financial sector. Journal of Management Studies 54 (2), 154–181, Read article
  • Palermo, T. (2014). Accountability and expertise in public sector risk management: A case study, Financial Accountability & Management 30(3), 322-341, Read article
  • Arnaboldi, M. and Palermo, T. (2011). Translating ambiguous reforms: Doing better next time?, Management Accounting Research 22(1), 6-15
  • Azzone, G. and Palermo T. (2011). Adopting performance appraisal and reward systems: A qualitative analysis of public sector organizational change, Journal of Organizational Change Management 24(1), 90-111
  • Arnaboldi, M., Azzone, G. and Palermo, T. (2010). Managerial innovations in central government: Not wrong, but hard to explain, The International Journal of Public Sector Management 23(1), 78-93

Other articles, book chapters and reports

  • Pflueger, D., Martinez, D., Palermo, T., Brohl, B. and Kammerzell, R. (2019). If New Yorkers join the recreational cannabis bandwagon, what could they learn from Colorado?, Forbes, 25 January, Read article 
  • Martinez, M., Pflueger, D., Palermo, T. and Brown, D. (2017). Tracking America's cannabis industry through big data, Forbes, 17 May, Read article
  • Pflueger, D., Palermo, T., Martinez, D., Parks, C. (2017). Invisible infrastructure for visible markets: Metrc and the legal markets for cannabis in Colorado, CBS discussion paper, 1-12 Read article
  • Palermo, T. (2017). Risk and performance management: Two sides of the same coin?, in M. Woods and P. Linsley (Eds.), The Routledge companion to accounting and risk, Routledge, 137-149
  • Palermo, T. (2016). Technoculture: Risk reporting and analysis at a large airline, in Michael Power (Ed.), Riskwork - Essays on the everyday life of risk management, Oxford University Press, 150-171, Read chapter
  • Palermo, T., Martinez, D. and Pflueger, D. (2016). Out of the shadows: Entrepreneurship, accounting, and the construction of legal markets for cannabis in Colorado, Risk & Regulation 31, 12-13 Read article
  • Pflueger, D., Martinez, D. and Palermo, T. (2015). The opportunity of regulation and canna-stigma: A synoptic overview of entrepreneurship and innovation in the cannabis market, CBS discussion paper, 1-7 Read article
  • Ashby, S., Palermo, T. and Power, M. (2014). Risk culture: Definitions, change practices and challenges for Chief Risk Officers. In P. Jackson (Ed.), Risk culture and effective risk governance, Risk Books, 25-46
  • Power, M., Ashby, S. and Palermo, T. (2013). Risk culture in financial organisations, Risk & Regulation 26, 18-21,Read article
  • Power, M., Ashby, S. and Palermo, T. (2013). Risk culture in financial organisations – A research report (November), 1-103 Read report
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  • Ashby, S., Palermo, T. and Power, M. (2012). Risk culture in financial organisations - An interim report, CARR discussion paper (November), 1-25 Read report
  • Palermo, T. (2011). Research on integrated risk and performance management: The time is now, but how?, Risk & Regulation 22, 18-19
  • Palermo, T. (2011). Integrating risk and performance in management reporting, CIMA Research Executive summary 8(1), 1-6 Read report
  • Van der Stede, W. A. and Palermo, T. (2011). Scenario budgeting: Integrating risk and Performance, Finance & Management 184 (January), 10-13

Blog Posts

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