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30 September 2013

Press release: Risk Culture in Financial Organisations publish final report

20 July 2013

CARR Doctoral Prize

The first CARR Doctoral Prize (2013) was awarded to Eva Heims for the paper “Examining Transnational Networks of Regulators in the EU: The Case of Drug Safety Monitoring (Pharmacovigilance)". Eva is a CARR doctoral student completing a PhD thesis at the LSE European Institute, which investigates how risks are managed across borders, on a translational level, in Europe.

15 June 2013

Risk & Regulation Magazine Issue 25

20 May 2013

Risk Culture in Financial Organisations provide Thinkpiece for CII

20 March 2013

New publication by Dr Madalina Busuioc - European Agencies: Law and Practices of Accountability

11 March 2013

New paper by Dr Julien Etienne in a special issue of Regulation & Governance on Twenty Years of Responsive Regulation

25 January 2013

Professor Michael Power awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Uppsala, Sweden

10 January 2013

New Discussion Paper by Matthias Benzer: Independence in Dependence: Health Technology Assessment, Quality of Life, and the Position of the Patient


2 December 2012

New Risk & Regulation magazine: Winter 2012 Edition

8 November 2012

Risk Culture in Financial Organisations: an interim report

1 November 2012

Blog post on LSE EUROPP blog: Julien Etienne (CARR member) and Tommaso Palermo (LSE Fellow) write about the L’Aquila earthquake trial

14 September 2012

CARR welcomes two new LSE Fellows in Risk and Regulation

September 2012

Dr Madalina Busuioc (pictured left) obtained her PhD from Utrecht University in 2010 and prior to joining CARR, Madalina was an Assistant Professor at the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance (ACELG), part of the University of Amsterdam.  She has published extensively on European agencies and governance issues and her latest book European Agencies: Law and Practices of Accountability is forthcoming with Oxford University Press.  She won the 2009 Europe Award for Junior Academics, granted by the Montesquieu Institute in the Hague, for her article 'Accountability Control and Independence: The Case of European Agencies'.  During her tenure at CARR she will be working on the broad theme of the ‘risk management state’.

Dr Martha Poon (pictured right) studied at the Science Studies Program at University of California San Diego and works on the history of the  US consumer credit rating.  Martha is the author of 'From New Deal Institutions to Capital Markets: Commercial consumer risk scores and the making of subprime mortgage finance' (Accounting, Organization and Society, 2009, 34:654-674) and was awarded the 2008 Hacker-Mullins Prize from the Science Knowledge and Technology section of the American Sociological Association.