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Regulation of Logistics Infrastructures in Brazil

Funded under the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Prosperity Fund, carr and RAND Europe undertook a major research study into the development of regulation of logistics infrastructures in Brazil.

Key findings

Regulatory governance is at the heart of attracting investment for logistics infrastructures. Earlier approaches have been criticized for the micro-management exercised by central government and for the perverse incentives set by domestic lending institutions. Whatever the current preferences in terms of facilitating investment and competition, there are long-term issues that require addressing. These are:

  • The need for a stable policy framework that allows for long-term planning and consistent decision-making.
  • The need for a strategic capacity to develop logistics infrastructure that goes beyond the politically and administrative convenient.
  • The need to develop a clear understanding of the central unit associated with the presidency, PPI (or any other central unit), as a coordinator of concession plans that promotes regulatory agencies and ministries in developing concessions.
  • The need for appropriate resourcing of regulatory agencies to support the monitoring of concessions along agreed 'tramlines'.
  • The need for a reputation among concession-holders that 'gambling' is not lucrative and that regulatory regimes are credible and not prone to ad-hoc renegotiation on the basis of political pressure.

The full report is available here.

The Portuguese language version of the main report is available here.

Watch the project summary video here.

The Policy Briefing is available here.