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The Case for Smart Muddling Through

The way to a new intelligent administration does not lie in fundamental and comprehensive reforms of administration, but in gradually “muddling through”, write Kai Wegrich from the Hertie School Berlin and Martin Lodge from the London School of Economics. This includes the continuous adjustment of measures and trial-and-error processes.

Read the full article here.

Putting ‘off-balance-sheet fiscal agencies’ under the control of the European Parliament could help democratise Eurozone governance

Many congratulations to Andrei Guter-Sandu from CARR who co-authored the above article. He, together with his co-author Steffen Murau, were recently awarded a prize for this research as part of the Hertie Foundation’s essay competition on capitalism and democracy. A German version of this article has been published in the business weekly WirtschaftsWoche (see link at end of the blog article).

Student feedback on Facebook could be 'very useful' for regulators

CARR QUAD Research Officer Alex Griffiths conducted this piece of research in collaboration with Professor Roger King (Visiting Professor University of Bath and CARR Research Associate) and Meghan Leaver (Oxford University).

Read full report here. 

CARR report on customer engagement in air traffic management

Customer engagement is a central theme in UK regulation. But what are the critical dimensions of such processes? What do regulated companies and their customers make of their engagement practices? This report, financially supported by NATS, by Eva Heims and Martin Lodge highlights critical design issues to enable successful customer engagement practices in regulation. The report is available here

Wisdom of patients: predicting the quality of care using aggregated patient feedback

Reseach from CARR shows that combined feedback from patients, including tweets and Facebook posts, effectively predicts the findings of hospital inspections.

CARR report on numerical statements in political discourse 

Has there been a rise in the use of statistics and facts in contemporary political discourse? This carr report found no clear patterns in its analysis of political and parliamentary speeches, twitter and government announcements. The report is available here 

Future of Independent Economic Regulation Lecture by Cathryn Ross

What is the future of independent economic regulation? This central question was discussed during a joint lecture by Ofwat and carr. The lecture is available as a report and as podcast

Read the latest issue of Risk & Regulation magazine

Risk&Regulation is the biannual magazine of the Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR). This online version of the printed magazine includes articles by leading scholars and practitioners that feature links to other relevant items, events, and publications produced by CARR.

CARR QUAD Team presents at 33rd EGOS Colloquium in Copenhagen (4-6 July)

Research on the ‘Quantification, Administrative Capacity and Democracy’ (QUAD) features at the 33rd EGOS (European Group for Organizational Studies) colloquium in Copenhagen. carr will be represented with two papers, by Alex Griffiths and Andrea Mennicken and by Andrea Mennicken, Liisa Kurunmäki and Peter Miller. 

CARR/RAND Europe research on regulation of logistics infrastructures in Brazil

Funded by the UK’s Prosperity Fund, research by carr and RAND Europe developed a new approach towards regulation of logistics infrastructures with direct application to Brazil. More information is available here.