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Transboundary Crisis Management in Europe in Wake of COVID 19

Transboundary Crisis Management in Europe in Wake of COVID 19 | LSE Online Event, 14 May 2020:

What are the emerging lessons for political crisis leadership? What can we say about the resilience of liberal democratic political systems? And what lessons can be drawn for multi-level crisis management? Watch Here

Regulating online food platforms | Jeremy Brice

Dr Jeremy Brice discusses the challenges involved in regulating online food platforms following his research with CARR and the Food Standards Agency (FSA). Watch here

Information cultures in food safety regulation | Jeremy Brice

Dr Jeremy Brice discusses information cultures in food safety regulation following his research with CARR and the Food Standards Agency (FSA). Watch here

CARR/RAND Europe report on 'Regulation of Logistics Infrastructures in Brazil'

What are the critical regulatory challenges in developing logistics infrastructures in countries such as Brazil? Why is it time to develop new approaches, based on ‘disciplined discretion’ to move beyond the regulatory orthodoxies of the few decades? Dr Chris van Stolk (RAND Europe) and Professor Martin Lodge (carr, LSE) discuss the findings and general implications of a joint study, funded by the UK Prosperity Fund, on the regulation of logistics infrastructures in Brazil. Watch here

On the impact of Brexit on regulation | Anand Menon

What are the challenges for regulators in preparing for Brexit? Anand Menon (King’s College and Programme Director of the ESRC Britain in a Changing Europe initiative) discusses the key choices and questions on the road to Britain’s departure from full EU membership. Watch here

Introducing 'Riskwork' with Michael Power

Riskwork: Essays on the Organizational Life of Risk Management’, edited by former head of the Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR), Professor Michael Power, examines the situated management of risk in a wide variety of organizational settings. Michael joins us on the CARRseat to tell us more about the book. Watch here

Customer engagement in regulation

Economic regulation in the UK has increasingly emphasised the importance of customer engagement. However, there are variations across sectors and devolved regions. What explains these differences? Why has customer engagement become a central theme in contemporary regulation? Eva Heims (CARR/LSE) and Martin Lodge discuss the implications of this emphasis on customer engagement. Watch here

What is the future for independent regulators?

Frank Vibert (LSE) and Martin Lodge consider why regulatory agencies have become increasingly attractive propositions over the past few decades, why the experience has been, at best, mixed, and how a future agenda for regulatory agencies could look. Watch here

Food labelling and its consequences

Professor Christine Parker (Monash University) discusses her latest research into the emergence of labels for free-range eggs in Australia. What are the disputes about food labels, what are the consequences of such initiatives, for achieving particular objectives, such as animal welfare? What role do and can state-based regulators play in orchestrating the direction of regulatory change? Watch here

Engaging with stakeholders

Andrea Mennicken (CARR/Accounting) and Martin Lodge discuss the key challenges for regulators in engaging with stakeholders. What are the rationales for engaging with stakeholders, what are the problems that they encounter and what ‘smart practices’ exist? And have new technologies, such crowdsourcing, established themselves as new tools for encouraging consultation and engagement? Watch here

TransCrisis: EU agencies and transboundary crisis

Jacint Jordana (IBEI, Barcelona) discusses the significance of agencies in EU governance and their role in transboundary crisis management. Watch here

TransCrisis: Introduction to the project

Martin Lodge (CARR) introduces the main themes of the TransCrisis project and its contribution to contemporary debates in EU governance. Watch here

TransCrisis: Domestic Politics and challenges to the EU

Nick Sitter (CEU) reflects on the phenomena of ‘backsliding’ among member states and how departures from the acquis and the Copenhagen criteria may have wider implications for the legitimacy of the EU. Watch here

TransCrisis: How do political leaders affect public mood?

Femke van Esch (Utrecht University) discusses how political leaders’ speeches respond to public moods. Watch here

TransCrisis: EU - National government and crisis management regimes

Martin Lodge (CARR) discusses how a cross-sectoral and cross-national regime perspective helps understand the mutual dependence between EU and national levels of governance in transboundary crisis management. Watch here

TransCrisis: Imigration policy & crisis management

Fulvio Attina (University of Catania) highlights the implications of immigration policy for the study of EU transboundary crisis management. Watch here

TransCrisis: Crisis management capacities of EU institutions

Mark Rhinard (Stockholm University) discusses how a focus on the institutional resources of EU institutions can highlight crisis leadership capacity constraints during transboundary crises. Watch here

Regulation of standards in public life

The growing ethics industry is said to have a considerable impact on life in politics. This claim, often made in the context of US politics, is examined by Charles Borden (CARR Visiting Fellow) and Martin Lodge. Is there an international trend towards codification of standards in public life? What are key national differences? How can issues of enforcement be resolved? What are the unintended consequences of greater codification. Watch here

Regulatory failure

Professor Bridget Hutter (LSE) and Martin Lodge discuss different types and sources for regulatory failure, and how ‘better regulation’ tools may support regulatory decision-making. Watch here

Regulatory performance

Julien Etienne and Martin Lodge discuss the key issues that emerged during the Roundtable's discussions about Regulatory Performance. Watch here

Risk culture in financial organisations project

Tommaso Palermo and Martin Lodge discuss the key findings and implications of the Risk Culture Project. Watch here

CARR Regulators' Forum - Emerging Risks'

Alex Griffiths (Care Quality Commission) and Martin Lodge (CARR) discuss the key issues that emerged during the Roundtable’s discussions about emerging risks. Watch here

Introduction to Regulators' Forum

This video introduces the CARR Regulators Forum and discusses some of the issues arriving from it. The Regulators’ Forum is a unique initiative to bring together academics and practitioners in the field of regulation to share insights and lessons regarding contemporary regulatory challenges. Watch here

Enforcement and inspection

What are the challenges of risk-based and responsive enforcement strategies? How do different regulators deal with these challenges, how do they combine different inspection strategies, and what is the impact of austerity on enforcement practices? These were the themes of the first meeting of the Regulators' Forum. Watch here