Frequently asked questions

For applicants to the Department of Methodology

Take a look at some common queries and answers below. If these do not answer your question, you have two options:

1. If your question relates to the Department or our programmes, please contact us via methodology.admin@lse.ac.uk (MSc programmes) or methodology.research@lse.ac.uk (MPhil/PhD programmes).

2. If your question relates to your application, please use the Graduate Admissions Knowledge Base to search for answers or submit an enquiry.

Making an application

Who can I contact with a question about the application process/my application?

The central LSE Graduate Admissions Office (GAO) deals with all applications to Department of Methodology programmes. Please visit their ‘How Do I…’ page for common admissions questions, or contact them via their website for all queries related to the application process/an application you have submitted.

How do I apply for a programme?

Please visit the LSE Graduate Admissions Office website for full details on how to submit an application online.

When do applications open?

Applications for entry usually open in October each year. Please apply as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Please visit the Available Programmes page for full details 

When is the application deadline/closing date?

Applications for all master's programmes in the Department of Methodology are considered on a rolling basis, so there is no application deadline/closing date. However, places on our programmes are likely to have been filled by around March/April. Please apply as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

What documents/information do I need to submit with my application?

Please visit the LSE Graduate Admissions Office website for full details of the supporting documents you will need to submit with your application.

I am still waiting to find out if my application has been accepted. Can you please advise?

Please visit the LSE Graduate Admissions Office website to check the status of your application.

All applications are dealt with centrally by the LSE Graduate Admissions Office and the Department of Methodology is not involved in the processing of applications. Therefore the Department is unable to answer any questions on this.

Can I transfer to one of your programmes from my current university?

No, we do not accept external transfers into our programmes. 


Entry requirements

What are the entry requirements for my chosen programme?

Entry requirements are outlined in the Graduate Prospectus at the Available Programmes page. You should consult both the general LSE Minimum Entry Requirements for graduate study at LSE and the programme-specific minimum prerequisites for the particular programme you are interested in.

There are no GRE/GMAT requirements for any of the Methodology programmes.

My university grades are from another country – how can I check if they meet your entry requirements?

Please visit the LSE Graduate Admissions Office website for full details on international entry requirements.

My grades are slightly lower than required, or have extenuating circumstances. Can I still apply?

All applications are considered on their merits. Our selectors consider not only the marks on your transcript but also the academic references and your personal statement. If there are extenuating circumstances to your grades, please make sure that your referee(s) mention them in their letters. Please bear in mind, however, that competition for places is high, and therefore if your grades are lower than the general requirements, this may consequently mean you are less likely to be offered a place.

Our programmes

Which programmes does the Department of Methodology offer?

We offer two postgraduate taught programmes - MSc in Applied Social Data Science and MSc in Social Research Methods, as well as two postgraduate research programme MPhil/PhD Social Research Methods and MPhil/PhD Demography (Social/ Formal).

What is the difference between MSc in Applied Social Data Science and MSc in Data Science, offered by the Department of Statistics?

The focus of the Department of Methodology's MSc in Applied Social Data Science contrasts to the MSc in Data Science offered by the Department of Statistics in the following ways. Firstly, the MSc in Applied Social Data Science offers a more solid training on social science research design, which we believe is a fundamental part of what data science means. Secondly, the Department of Methodology ensures that our graduates have the ability to derive actionable insights from data analytic methods. Whilst the Department of Statistics focus on understanding the mathematical details of the methods (e.g. machine learning), our priority is to ensure that students know how to apply these methods to practical examples.

Do you offer part-time programmes?

Yes, both MSc in Applied Social Data Science and MSc in Social Research Methods can be taken part-time, over two years.

How many contact hours will I have if I study part-time?

For master's degrees, the usual arrangement is to undertake half of the programme in one year and half in the following year. You will be subject to the same timetable as a full-time student, albeit with a reduced number of hours per week.

As the School timetable changes on an annual basis and is not finalised until August, we are unable to confirm this information in advance. Part-time students are strongly advised to wait until the timetable is available before finalising their other commitments. Contact time per week will vary according to the course so please check the timetable carefully.

You should be aware that part-time study alone is insufficient to obtain entry clearance to the UK on a student visa. See www.gov.uk/browse/visas-immigration/student-visas for more details.

Fees and Financial Support

What are the fees for my chosen programme?

Please visit the programme page of your chosen programme for confirmation of the tuition fees.

Are any scholarships or other financial support available for master's students?

Yes. Each year LSE offers over £12.7 million in scholarships to its graduate students. There are also funding opportunities from external organisations, research councils and governments around the world.

See Applying for an LSE scholarship.

Approximately 19% of taught master's offer holders are successful in obtaining some form of financial support from the School.

The value of support ranges in value from 10% of the tuition fee to a full fees and maintenance award.

Although the terms of the UK's exit agreement from the EU have not yet been finalised, LSE will continue to make funding available to all students regardless of fee status.

Needs-based awards

We offer a range of needs-based awards for taught master's programmes. This includes:

Country based and programme related awards for MSc or PhD study

The School also makes available scholarships for students from specific regions of the world and awards for students studying specific programmes or subject areas.

External funding opportunities

UK Government loans

postgraduate master's loan of up to £10,906 from the UK government is available for new students studying a first master's programme, to help with fees and living costs.

postgraduate doctoral loan of up to £25,700 from the UK government is available for new students studying a doctoral degree programme, to help with fees and living costs.

Disabled Student's Allowance

Disabled Student's Allowance (DSA) for UK students is expected to be available to help with costs incurred during a programme as a result of a disability.

Loan schemes from other countries

Loan schemes to help fund graduate study at LSE are also available from some other countries. Student loan information

Please note that the Financial Support Office does not process these and is unable to offer any advice or information regarding them. 

Co-funded awards

The School works with funding and scholarship agencies around the world to co-fund a number of awards.

Other external funding opportunities

External organisations offering funding are listed on the country pages for taught master's study and research study. Please contact these organisations rather than LSE for further information.

What are the funding options for research degrees?

LSE offers over 100 major studentships to new PhD students in the form of LSE PhD Studentships and LSE ESRC Studentships.

LSE PhD Studentships

LSE has its own prestigious PhD Studentships, which are available on all MRes/PhD and MPhil/PhD programmes, for UK, EU and overseas students.

Studentships are tenable for four years and cover full fees and an annual stipend, which was £18,000 for students in recent years.

ESRC funding

LSE has an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) and has ESRC studentships in a number of programmes for UK and EU students.

Studentships are tenable for three or four years, depending on the programme of study. They cover full fees (UK and EU level) and an annual stipend.

Individual programme entries detail which programme are eligible for ESRC funding.

Department-specific funding

Check the programme-related funding page for PhD funding opportunities.

How to apply

Academic departments nominate students for consideration by a School panel for all PhD funding opportunities they may be eligible for. There is no separate application for any of these studentships. To be considered for this funding, you must submit your complete application for admission to LSE by a specific date. This date differs by academic department.

How should I pay my fees?

Please visit the LSE Fees Office website for full details on how to pay your fees, payment plans, rewards/discounts for early payment, and any other payment queries.

 Enquiries and finding out more

I have a question about the application process/my application.

Please contact the LSE Graduate Admissions Office directly.

All applications are dealt with centrally by the Graduate Admissions Office, meaning that the Department of Methodology will be unable to answer any queries regarding your application.

I have a question about my chosen programme / the Department of Methodology.

For MSc enquiries you can email the Department via methodology.admin@lse.ac.uk in the first instance and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have about our programmes and the department. For MPhil/PhD enquiries please email methodology.research@lse.ac.uk.

Can I visit the LSE campus?

Yes you can come to LSE any weekday and pick up a copy of LSE Explorer for a self guided tour or come along during Welcome when we are giving guided campus tours. Further details including maps and directions are available here.

Graduate Admissions also offers drop-in sessions at the Student Services Centre in the Old Building on the ground floor for answers to general queries. A member of the Graduate Admissions Office will be available for 5 minute discussions between our set drop-in times.

Please note that all information and guidance available at the drop in session is also available online at our website as well as through the enquiry system and through phoning Gradudate Admissions. We have extensive information available online, for example if you are unable to visit in person you may wish to see this virtual open day.

Can I visit the department to discuss my application?

No, we are unable to take visitors in the Department of Methodology, however we encourage you to discuss your application at a drop-in session with the LSE Graduate Admissions Office (above).

Are there any representatives in my home country?

It is likely that you may be able to speak to an LSE representative in your home country, as we regularly visit countries across the world (attending education fairs and conventions, visiting schools, colleges and universities, and meeting students for presentations, receptions and counselling sessions). View our LSE visits you web page for full details.