The LSE Fees Office administers a number of students loans with the exception of UK/EU Tuition Fee Loans. These loans are administered by Student Finance England.

Please read through the information contained within our webpages and if you have any subsequent questions and or requests please email 

The US Department of Education operate a Direct Loan programme wherebye eligible students can borrow educational loans to assist with the cost of living. There are three loan types

  • Subsidized (Undergraduates only)
  • Unsubsidized
  • Plus

Students are strongly advised to consider the Direct Lending programme prior to any private loan option.

You would borrow unsubsidized loans first, if there is further need based on your cost of attendance you should then look at borrow a Plus loan.

You cannot borrow more than your annual maximum cost of attendance

For further information please visit Loans for American students

Please note: Students studying by distance-learning, or at certificate or diploma level are not eligible.

Please email if you have any questions, but please ensure you have read our webpages fully prior to contacting us.

Unlike US Federal loans the LSE Fees Office do not process Canadian Loans, we do however assist with:

  • Programme information forms such as OSAP
  • Confirmation of enrolment
  • Confirmation of Fees paid
  • TL11A certificates

For further information see Loans for Canadian students

Please note Canadian loan payments are sent to students directly and not the School.


Although the Fees Office do not manage loan applications for Student Finance England you can find useful information about fee loans by visiting Loans for UK/EU Undergraduate

The Financial Support Office also provide useful information and advice about available support for Home/EU Undergraduate students. Click here for further information.

We recommend that you firstly contact your Local Education authority or Department for Education as they may offer a loan scheme.

If government or local authority funding is not an option (This is particularly the case for countries which do not fund students to study abroad), you could look into the possibility of private education loans.

UK banks rarely lend funds to non-UK residents, so you will need to approach lending institutions in your home country.

If you are a UK resident you should compare bank loans before making an application: some UK banks offer loans specifically for graduate students to fund their studies, interest rates and terms and conditions will vary.Home UK (Postgraduate) students may qualify for a Professional and Career Development loan, for further information please see Loans for UK Postgraduates

Wherever possible, apply for lower interest government or subsidised loans first, and only then apply for higher-interest private loans if you require additional funds. Be aware that some loan programmes may have a limit on the amount of funding they can provide.

Please note: You should ensure you have adequate funding prior to signing your Financial Undertaking form. If you are looking to fund your studies by loan you need to be sure it will cover the entire cost of your programme and cost of living.