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How Do I... carry out common tasks online?

The easiest way to make changes to your application, to send additional information, or to tell us about a decision, is to use the forms below. Please do not use these forms to submit enquiries, as they will not be answered. For more detailed questions and answers, please use the enquiries system.

Please ensure that our domain name - lse.ac.uk - is added to your safe senders list. Many of our email responses are database driven and may end up being mis-directed into your junk mail folder.

  • Please do not send the same information more than once. Processing duplicate documents will cause delays. Please check our current processing times to see when it is likely we will be processing your document(s). If you believe information you sent to us using one of our webforms below should already have been processed, please contact us using our enquiries system (see above). 

Technical issues: 

There are known issues with some of our webforms. If you try to submit one of the webforms below and the page is stuck on the 'Sending' screen, please do not worry and please do not submit the document again. The form and any attachments should reach us successfully. Our Web Services team are investigating this issue.

If you have not yet applied

1.    ....find our more about graduate programmes at LSE?
2.     ...apply for graduate admissions?
3.     ...apply for scholarships at LSE?
4.     ...apply to the summer school?
5.     ...apply to the LSE Language Centre?
6.     ...apply for accommodation?
7.     ...advise the School of my disability?

Any other questions from people who have not yet applied and who have not received their LSE admissions number should be directed via our . If you do not yet have your admissions number please do not use the forms below as we will not be able to reply to your query.

Most common tasks for applicants

Please only use the forms below if you have already received your LSE admissions number.

1.     ...contact the graduate admissions office?
2.     ...check my application status?
3.     ...add or amend my programme choices?
4.     ...email the Graduate Admissions office?
5.     ...pay a reinstatement fee?
6.     ...pay an administrative fee?
7.     ...submit the extra information you have asked for?
8.     ...change my mode of study from part-time to full-time study or vice versa?

9.   ...request references?
10.   ...get a reminder of my admissions number?
11.   ...reinstate my 2017/8 application for 2018/9 entry?
12.   ...report extenuating circumstances affecting my application?

Most common tasks for offer holders

Please only use the forms below if you have already received an offer of a place at LSE.

13.     ...submit an original transcript?

14.   ...get certificates of my offer?
15.   ...take up an offer that I had previously declined or deferred?
16.    ...request that a condition on my offer be waived/changed?
17.   ...defer my offer of a place to 2018/9?
18.   ...pay the deferral deposit?
19.   ...decline my current offer in order to take up another offer at LSE?

20....unsubscribe from Graduate Financial Support Application reminder emails (Taught programmes only)?