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April 2021: Vacancy for Research Officer in Algorithms and Optimisation

We are looking to appoint a Research Officer on the European Research Council Starting Grant Project “Scaling Methods for Discrete and Continuous Optimisation” (‘ScaleOpt’) working with Principal Investigator Prof László Végh. Closing date 5 June 2021. More information here.

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November 2020: LSE Excellence in Education Awards

We are very happy to announce that six of our lecturers have been awarded the LSE Excellence in Education Award! Congratulations to Ahmad Abdi, Ioannis Kouletsis, Katerina Papadaki, Johannes Ruf, Luitgard Veraart and Giacomo Zambelli for all your hard work and dedication to education.

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November 2020: Ailsa Land Prize

Congratulations to Lisa Lentati for winning the Ailsa Land Prize! The Ailsa Land Prize is awarded annually for the best overall performance by a student on the MSc Operations Research & Analytics. More information on the prize can be found here.

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November 2020: Haya Freedman Prize

Congratulations to our winner Morgan Bounds for winning the Haya Freedman Prize! The prize is awarded annually for the best dissertation produced by a student on the MSc in Applicable Mathematics. More information on the prize can be found here.

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November 2020: Vacancy for Assistant Professor

The Department of Mathematics is hiring! We are currently advertising for an Assistant Professor in Mathematics specialising in the Mathematics of Game Theory. Closing date 11 January 2021. More information here.

James Orlin

November 2020: Khachiyan Prize

We are excited to announce that Professor Jim Orlin, a Visiting Professor in the Department, has received the prestigious Khachiyan Prize by the INFORMS Optimization Society, recognising his distinguished contributions in optimisation.

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November 2020: LSE100 Prizes

We are happy to announce that Zuzanna Palion, Manuel Valdez Alcazar, Xuyi Yang, and Andy (Chengyang) Zhu have received the LSE100 Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in the 2019-20 cohort! Congratulations to our wonderful students!

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October 2020: BSHM Undergraduate Essay Prize

We are very proud to announce that Arman Jena, a recent BSc Mathematics with Economics graduate, was a runner-up in the British Society for the History of Mathematics Undergraduate Essay Prize. Congratulations Arman!

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September 2020: John Ying Wah Gibson Citizenship and Voluntary Prizes 

Congratulations to Julia-Huiyu Huang, the winner of the Citizenship Prize, for all her hard work and dedication to society and the LSE community! 

Also a big congratulations to Jessica Thakkar, the winner of the Voluntary Work Award! We are so proud of all you have achieved.

Details fo the Prize and Award can be read here.

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September 2020: DODU Prize

Congratulations to Bento Natura, who is the joint winner of the DODU Prize for the best talk of a young researcher for his talk titled 'A scaling-invariant algorithm for linear programming whose running time depends only on the constraint matrix'. The prize was announced at the SMAI-MODE Conference which took place online in September 2020.


August 2020: Nora Frankl LMS Early Career Fellowship

Congratulations to Nora Frankl, who has been awarded a LMS Early Career Fellowship hosted by the Department of Mathematics at LSE. We can't wait to have you on board!

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July 2020: Graduation - Class of 2020

The Department of Mathematics want to congratulate all our graduating students from our undergraduate and MSc Financial Mathematics programmes. We are so proud of everything you have achieved in light of the more difficult circumstances this year.

We look forward to seeing what you go on to achieve in the future!

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July 2020: Joseph Abraham Prize Winners

The Joseph Abraham Prize, named after an MSc Financial Mathematics student who sadly died in 2015, is given to those on the same programme who have shown outstanding achievement in their studies on the MSc Financial Mathematics degree.

This year we have joint winners! Congratulations to Mehdi Kaabache and Matteo Zanardi for your amazing work and achievements.

Farr Prize Yixuan 200x200Farr Prize Valentin 200x200Farr Prize Yuliia 200x200

July 2020: Farr Prize Winners

The Farr Prize is awarded to the best performer(s) in final year examinations for a BSc student in the Department of Mathematics or Statistics. This year, all three winners are from the Department of Mathematics! We couldn't be prouder!

Congratulations to our three winners:

  • Yixuan Li, BSc Financial Mathematics & Statistics 
  • Valentin Pechnikov, BSc Mathematics & Economics
  • Yuliia Tereshchuk, BSc Mathematics & Economics
Offord Prize Yumeng 200x200Offord Prize Sanjana 200x200

July 2020: Cyril Offord Prize Winners

We have joint winners of the Cyril Offord Prize for outstanding performance in mathematics this year. The prize is awarded annually to students on one of the following programmes: BSc Financial Mathematics & Statistics, BSc in Mathematics & Economics, BSc Mathematics with Economics and BSc in Mathematics, Statistics & Business.

Congratulations to Yumeng Cai, a BSc Financial Mathematics & Statistics student, and Sanjana Makhija, a BSc Mathematics with Economics student, on their amazing results and hard work!

WR Prize Farid 200x200WR Prize Simon 200x200

July 2020: Wynne-Roberts Prize Winners

The Wynne-Roberts Prizes are awarded to both first and second year students who have achieved best performance in their mathematics courses.

Congratulations to Farid Abou Jaoude, who is a current first year student on the BSc Financial Mathematics & Statistics.

For our second year cohort, our winner is Simon Priot on the BSc Mathematics with Economics programme. Congratulations! 

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May 2020: Department of Mathematics New Teacher Prize

Congratulations to Kamila NowakowiczKieran Ryan and Aled Williams for winning our Department's New Teacher Prize! We are so proud of you all and the amazing work you have done this year for our students and the Department.

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May 2020: LSE Class Teacher Award 

A huge congratulations to Siri KouletsisLaurence O'Toole and Niccolo' Salvatori for winning the LSE Class Teacher Award for their very special contribution to teaching at LSE.

Also, well done to Asuka KumonDanny Scarponi and Tony Whelan for being highly commended. You can find out more here.

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May 2020: LSESU Student-led Teaching Excellence Awards

We are very happy to announce that Asuka Kumon won the 'Award for Online Teaching' in the LSESU Student-led Teaching Awards! Asuka was also nominated in the categories for 'Excellent Feedback and Communication', 'Inspirational Teaching' and 'Sharing Subject Knowledge'. Congratulations Asuka! You can find out more on the awards here.

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April 2020: Python Coding Challenge

Congratulations to our students Wian Stipp, Sanjit Neelam and Farid Abou Jaoude who participated in the Python Coding Challenge! A special mention to Wian Stipp, whose team (Team Robbins 2.0) won 'Best Application of Python Learning' and 'Best Teamwork and Collaboration'! 

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March 2020: Vacancy for LSE Fellow 

The Department of Mathematics is hiring! We are currently advertising for a LSE Fellow specialising in Mathematical Operations Research. Closing date 19 April 2020. More information here.


December 2019: Graduation - Class of 2019

As a Department, we want to congratulate all our students from our MSc Applicable Mathematics and MSc Operations Research & Analytics programmes who graduated this morning! We are immensely proud of all of your achievements whilst you studied with us here at the LSE, and we wish you all the best in your futures!


December 2019: Academic Prize Winners

Ailsa Land Prize

This is the second year we are awarding the Ailsa Land prize for the best overall performance by a student on the MSc Operations Research & Analytics. The winner for 2018/19 is Yuzhou Qiu. Congratulations! For more information on the prize and on Ailsa Land, please see here.

Haya Freedman Prize

Congratulations to our joint winners Milad Avazbeigi (left) and Philipp Sterzinger (right) for winning the Haya Freedman Prize. The prize is awarded annually for the best dissertation produced by a student on the MSc in Applicable Mathematics. More information on the prize can be found here.

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November 2019: LSE Excellence in Education Awards

We are very happy to announce that eight of our lecturers and class teachers have been awarded the LSE Excellence in Education Award! Congratulations to Peter Allen, Sally Barton, Julia Boettcher, Pavel Gapeev, Siri Kouletsis, Jozef Skokan, Luitard Veraart and James Ward - we are very proud of you!

LSE100 Prize Alexander Garland 200x200

October 2019: LSE100 Prize

We are so proud to hear that Alexander Garland, one of our third year undergraduate students, received an LSE100 award for his excellent work and commitment to interdisciplinary learning in LSE100 in 2018/19. Congratulations Alexander!


News items from previous years are in the news archive.


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