Wynne-Robert Prize Fund

The Wynne-Roberts Prize Fund  

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These prizes, provided by the University of London Convocation Trust, are awarded by the Departmental Sub-board of Examiners for the best performance in first and second year mathematics courses by a student in the Department of Mathematics. 

The prize consists of £200 for both first and second year winners, or £100 each if there are joint winners in either year group.

 The Wynne-Roberts Prize for First Years

List of prizewinners
Year Name Programme
 2017/18 Harvey Bains  BSc Mathematics and Economics
 2016/17 Ning Cui  BSc Mathematics and Economics

 The Wynne-Roberts Prize for Second Years

List of Prizewinners
 2017/18 Xeni Dimitrakopoulou and Justin Tan BSc Mathematics with Economics, and BSc Mathematics and Economics
 2016/17 Weimin Wang and Tarek Chaarouli BSc Mathematics and Economics, and BSc Mathematics with Economics