Professor Julia Böttcher

Professor Julia Böttcher


Department of Mathematics

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English, German
Key Expertise
Extremal Combinatorics, Random Discrete Structures, Ramsey theory

About me

My research focus is in Discrete Mathematics, an area on the interface of Mathematics and Computer Science. In particular, I am investigating properties of graphs and hypergraphs, which are mathematical models for networks (such as Social Networks, Economic Networks, or Transport Networks) and also arise in many other applications (such as resource allocation, the spread of epidemic diseases, or the analysis of large sets of data). I am studying what values different (hyper)graph parameters can take under certain restrictions, and how large random and random-like (hyper)graphs behave.

At LSE I enjoy teaching the foundations of my area, Discrete Mathematics, to students, as well as introducing them to the art of designing algorithms and computer programs, and to the theory of Optimisation. 

I joined LSE in January 2012, and am now a Professor. Before coming here, I was a post-doc in São Paulo after completing my PhD in Mathematics under the supervision of Anusch Taraz at TU München in 2009. By training, I am a Computer Scientist and obtained my first degree from Humboldt Universität Berlin.

Expertise Details

Extremal combinatorics; random discrete structures; Ramsey theory; regularity method; packing; pseudo-randomness