Who we are

The DSI involves academic researchers and instructors from departments across the School. It also involves affiliated staff through its Affiliate scheme, and external and visiting researchers through the LSE Visiting Appointments Scheme.

The DSI unites researchers across the LSE's range of social science disciplines through data science.

Academic Staff


Professor Kenneth Benoit

Director, Data Science Institute
Professor of Computational Social Science, Department of Methodology, LSE

Research interests: Computational social science; Quantitative text mining and natural language processing; Political communications and social media; Analysis of big data; Comparative party competition; European Parliament; Electoral systems

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Erica Thompson website

Dr Erica Thompson

Senior Policy Fellow in Ethics of Modelling and Simulation

Research Interests: Ethics of modelling and simulation; Inference from models; Decision-making; Climate modelling; Modelling for humanitarian applications; Forecast evaluation model evaluation; Probability, uncertainty and risk; Deep uncertainty; complexity and nonlinear dynamics; Causality; Epistemologies of statistical methods

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Dr Julio Amador Diaz Lopez

Assistant Professorial Lecturer

Research Interests: Machine learning; Game theory; Misinformation.

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Jinshuai Ma

Research Officer in Quantitative Text Analysis

Research Interests: Text analysis; Natural language processing; Human-centered software design; Physiological signal analysis

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Dr Jonathan Cardoso-Silva

Research Officer

Research Interests: Complex Network Analysis; Machine Learning; Data Science Management

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Professional Services Staff


Jill Beattie

Institute Coordinator
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7955 7759


Dave Poole

Communications and Events Officer
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7955 7626

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Business Development Manager
Information TBC.

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Undergraduate Module Administrator
(Part Time)

This is an internal vacancy and the closing date for receipt of applications is 17 October 2021. More information available via LSE Jobs.

DSI Affiliates

DSI Affiliates are staff from across the LSE community who are engaged with data science in their research or teaching. Affiliates participate in the activities of the institute and have special access to its resources.

Find out more about the DSI Affiliate Scheme (pdf)

Apply to become a DSI Affiliate

If you have any queries please email



Dr Marcos Barreto

Assistant Professorial Lecturer - Department of Statistics

Website | Email

T Baku

Dr Tuğkan Batu

Assistant Professor - Department of Mathematics

Website | Email


Dr Michael Blackwell
Associate Professor of Law - Department of Law

Website | Email

umur cetin

Professor Umut Cetin
Professor of Statistics - Department of Statistics

Website | Email

Y Chen

Dr Yunxiao Chen
Assistant Professor - Department of Statistics

Website | Email


Dr Florian Foos
Assistant Professor in Political Behaviour - Department of Government

Website | Email

P Fryzlewicz

Professor Piotr Fryzlewicz
Professor of Statistics - Department of Statistics

Website | Email

K Kalogeropoulos

Dr Kostas Kalogeropoulos
Assistant Professor - Department of Statistics

Website | Email


Dr Joshua Loftus
Assistant Professor - Department of Statistics

Website | Email

B Miller

Dr Blake Miller
Assistant Professor - Department of Methodology

Website | Email

Elly Power

Dr Eleanor Power
Assistant Professor - Department of Methodology

Website | Email

Xinghao Qiao200x200

Dr Xinghao Qiao
Assistant Professor - Department of Statistics

Website | Email

J Ruf

Professor Johannes Ruf
Professor - Department of Mathematics

Website | Email

Chengchun Shi

Dr Chengchun Shi
Assistant Professor - Department of Statisitcs

Website | Email


Dr Milena Tsvetkova
Assistant Professor of Computational Social Science - Department of Methodology

Website | Email

L Vegh

Professor László Végh
Professor - Department of Mathematics

Website | Email

K Vredenburgh

Dr Kate Vredenburgh
Assistant Professor - Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method

Website | Email


Professor Henry Wynn
Emeritus Professor of Statistics - Department of Statistics

Website | Email

Visiting Appointments

The Visiting Appointments scheme allows staff from other institutions to benefit from the level of involvement similar to that enjoyed by DSI Affiliates.

If you are interested in learning more about this scheme or applying for a DSI visiting appointment please email


Professor Arthur Petersen
Visiting Professor


Leonard_Smith_8189 (300dpi)

Professor Leonard Smith
Visiting Professor

Website | Email


John Burn-Murdoch
Visiting Senior Fellow

Website | Email

T Maynard

Dr Trevor Maynard
Visiting Senior Fellow

Website | Email

H Du

Dr Hailiang Du
Visiting Fellow

Website | Email


Data Support Services

As the institutional cornerstone of data science activity at the London School of Economics, the DSI works closely with teams across LSE that provide support services for those working with data.

Our Data Support Services page brings together information about the activity of teams such as The LSE Digital LibraryLSE Data and Technology Services (DTS) and LSE LIFE.

Find details on the resources available to the LSE community here.

DSI Management Committee

The DSI Management Committee exists to ensure the coordination of DSI activities with research, teaching, and outreach in data science across the various units of the school.

The Committee also provides input that shapes the goals of the DSI and its strategy for meeting those goals. 


Professor Jan van den Heuvel | Department of Mathematics

Professor Patrick Sturgis | Department of Methodology

Professor Irini Moustaki | Department of Statistics

Dr Kate Vredenburgh | Department of Philosophy, Logic & Scientific Method

Professor Steve Gibbons | Department of Geography and Environment

Professor Michael Laver | Department of Methodology

Professor Simon Hix | Department of Government

Data Science Education Forum

The Data Science Education Forum exists to ensure the quality and coordination of data science teaching and learning across the School. 

The responsibilities of the DSI Education Forum include facilitating effective communication with stakeholders across the School, collaborating on the provision and design of data science components offered by the Digital Skills Lab (DSL), and overseeing content development of DSI-led modules.


Professor Kenneth Benoit | DSI Director

Professor Irini Moustaki | Department of Statistics

Professor Konrad Swanepoel | Department of Mathematics 

Professor Patrick Sturgis | Department of Methodology 

Dr Florian Foos | Department of Government

Professor Steve Gibbons | Department of Geography and Environment

Professor Dilly Fung | LSE Pro-Director for Education

Jeni Brown | Head of LSE Digital Skills Lab

Dr Claire Gordon | Head of LSE Eden Centre for Education Enhancement

Research Students


Yuanmo He
PhD candidate in Social Research Methodology

Website | Email


Sarah Jewett
PhD candidate in Political Science

Website | Email



Visiting Students

Phillip Darius

Phillip Darius

PhD Candidate in Governance at the Centre for Digital Governance, Hertie School

Website | Email

Fintan Oeri

Fintan Oeri

PhD candidate at the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Basel

Website | Email