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Data Support Services

Information about the resources available at LSE

The LSE Digital Library

The Digital Library team, based in the Library, is digitising the Library’s collections to unlock the data within and make it openly available on the web.

Working with academic colleagues at LSE and beyond, the Digital Library provides help to the LSE community through identifying collections with research value, then opening them up using state of the art format shifting techniques. The Digital Library Teams are currently in the process of developing a Digitisation Suite in the Library to take our digitisation activities to a new level.

You can view LSE's many and varied digitised collections online on the Digital Library and its older sister site.

DSI Digital Library Affiliates
These individuals work closely with the DSI to provide support to the LSE community

Neil Stewart

Neil Stewart 
Digital Library Manager - LSE Library 

Neil leads on digitisation projects within the LSE Library and manages rare Library dataset collections. 

Students interested in gaining LSE Digital help with research can contact Neil via email.


Dr Paul Horsler
Academic Support Librarian

Paul leads on queries related to the LSE's subscription data resources such as Bloomberg, WRDS, Orbis and others.  He is able to provide overviews of the LSE's resources and arrange training sessions, including with suppliers if needed. You can contact Paul via email.

Hannah Boroudjou

Hannah Boroudjou
Research Data Librarian

Hannah leads on data related enquiries including data management plans, data archiving, data access statements, requests for secure data and special data access arrangements. You can contact Hannah via email.


Digital Library Resources
Events, courses and subscriptions provided by the Digital Library

Data Subscriptions

The Digital Library subscribes to resources including Company, Financial Market, and Market Research data, Country specific data, Data PC resources WRDS, and historical data and social science data. 

These resources are available to LSE staff and students.

Cyber Security and Risk

The Information Security (InfoSec) team and the Risk and Compliance team offer services to aid LSE staff and students in gaining a greater awareness of cyber security threats, GDPR and the LSE Information Security policies.

Sign up here for LSE Cyber Security Awareness Training that will enable you to take measures to manage data securely and protect your online identity.

Library Companion for Data Resources

LSE staff and students can access this companion that helps Library users with Data Library resources, including survey data, financial data, and geographic data via this Moodle page.

UK Data Service resources
ESRC-funded support for those who depend on high-quality social and economic data

The Digital Library recommends that staff and students make use of the UK Data Service.

This comprehensive resource offers the UK's largest collection of economic, social and population data for research and teaching as well as training and events.

Recordings of events can be found on the UK Data Service YouTube channel and past events page.

UK Data Service introductory training series: Autumn 2021

LSE Data and Technology Services

LSE Data and Technology Services (DTS) helps the LSE community to connect, communicate and collaborate using technology.

Useful resources include critical IT policies and essential information. These are particularly useful for those working with confidential and/or personal data.

DTS also offers online guides topics such as hardware and software, assistive technology and file storage.

LSE LIFE services

LSE LIFE offers LSE students help on their studies and goals through workshops, other unique events and one-to-one sessions with study advisers and specialists.

The full range of events and activities is available here. Topic areas include technology and data help and resources including slides, handouts and recordings for all events are made available on the LSE LIFE Moodle page. The LSE LIFE Weekly Update email also offers updates on new opportunities.

One to one sessions are available, including with Academic Support Librarians. Information can be found here or via StudentHub.

LSE LIFE has also compiled a range of learning resources, from how to begin an assignment and what topics are suitable for dissertations to methods of accessing primary data and different data handling techniques. 

For more information, please contact LSE LIFE via email.