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Discover more about upcoming and past DSI events

The Data Science Institute is established to work alongside the academic departments across the School to foster the study of data science and new forms of data. Data Science Institute events focus on this mission, with an emphasis on the social, economic and political aspects of data.

CIVICA Data Science Seminar Series

This multi-disciplinary series is shared by partner institutions of the CIVICA network and focuses on the social, economic and political applications of data science.

These seminars allows researchers to share original work, new work or work in progress in order to get comments and suggestions. Recordings of the events are made available on the LSE Data Science Institute YouTube channel.

C Roth

Serendipity or confinement? Deconstructing the principles, effects, and uses of algorithmic recommendation

Professor Camille Roth
Associate Research Professor at French National Centre for Scientific Research

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Watch recordings of past seminars

Building Data Science Collaborations between the UK and Brazil

25 November 2021

This workshop will be hosted by the LSE Data Science Institute in collaboration with the University of Exeter College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences.

The aim of the workshop is to connect researchers based in the UK and Brazil who have not collaborated before.

Any researchers based in academic institutions in the UK or Brazil with an interest in establishing data science research collaborations.

Researchers will be grouped according to their topics of interests and facilitators will conduct structured brainstorming sessions aimed at proposing small research projects.

You do not need to have any current connections or research agreements before joining the workshop and we encourage applications even if you come from other domains and/or do not already use any data science in your current work.

Find out more about the workshop and register to attend here. Queries should be sent to Dr Jonathan Cardoso-Silva and Dr Chico Camargo.


LSE Careers Coffee Mornings

LSE Careers hosts regular coffee mornings that attract employers from a broad range of sectors to meet and interact with LSE's active and highly engaged students and recent graduates.

To allow for more targeted engagement with students and graduates, events are themed by sector. This includes the field of data science and technology:

  • Careers in Technology Coffee Morning
    Thursday 14 October 2021 (08:30 - 10:00)
    More information
  • Careers in Data Science Coffee Morning.
    Friday 22 October 2021 (08.30- 10:00)
    More information

Regular seminars hosted across LSE

The active LSE community hosts many events that may be relevant to those with an interest in data science. The DSI works closely with the following Departments and is pleased to promote the following seminars and events:

Past DSI events

Data Science in Finance - Career Panel
6 October 2021

Curious about the future of finance and banking? 

This panel event was designed to provide students with information from a range of experienced speakers about how data skills can be applied to the financial world. The panel shared their career journeys, some insights about their role and their views on latest industry trends. 


Glen Moutrie

Glen Moutrie
Data Scientist at the London Stock Exchange group.

Glen specialises in the applications of machine learning in finance and economics. Programming languages: Python, R and Java.

Jeremy Turiel

Jeremy Turiel
AI Researcher at JP Morgan and PhD candidate in Financial Computing at UCL.

Jeremy has experience in financial services, focusing on risk modelling with Network Analysis and Statistical Physicals Methods.

Ujwal Shreyas

Ujwal Shreyas
Quantitative Researcher at BlackRock.

Ujwal builds systematic alpha strategies for hedge funds and long-only potfolios by leveraging machine learning alternative data and applying economic and financial theory. 


This event was organised by the LSESU Data Science Society. For more information and if you have queries, please contact them via email.

The LSESU Data Science Society organise eventsprojects and a community platform to introduce members to the applications of data science in different fields and industries, and have built a community for LSE students to learn, accelerate and support each other on their data science journeys.

How to study data science at LSE
24 September 2021

A recording of this event is available for LSE students here.

This information session represented a chance to find out how to get involved with data science as a student at LSE.

Information on courses, workshops and digital training was provided by speakers from a range of Departments and there was a chance for questions to be asked "on everything from prerequisites to Python".

LSE's exciting data science courses were outlined in presentations from the Department of MethodologyDepartment of Mathematics and Department of Statistics that explained course content, reading lists and prerequisites. Further opportunities to access training in data science from the Digital Skills Lab were explained as well as information regarding brand new modules from the Data Science Institute.

How can we do good science with models?
3 March 2021

The DSI was very pleased to contribute to the LSE Festival 2021 through Dr Erica Thompson taking part in the 'Festival Shorts' series.

Given their power to influence the world, Erica discusses how we can ensure that mathematical models are developed in a transparent and accountable way, providing information that is useful and relevant without being over-confident or subject to hidden bias.

A recording of Erica's Festival Short is now available.

LSESU Data Science Weekend
27 - 28 February 2021

This was the inaugural flagship event of the LSESU Data Science Society. As the cornerstone of data science activity at LSE, the DSI part-sponsored this event.

The event took the form of both conference and hackathon to showcase interesting career areas in data science, finance and consulting.

The LSESU Data Science Society organise eventsprojects and a community platform to introduce members to the applications of data science in different fields and industries, and have built a community for LSE students to learn, accelerate and support each other on their data science journeys.

Building Resilience Through Data Centricity
2 February 2021

The DSI was honoured to host this fireside chat with Jacky Wright (Chief Digital Officer and Corporate Vice President, Microsoft US) as our first online public event.

Jacky Wright is widely recognised as a transformational global leader, innovative technologist and recognized STEM advocate. Jacky leads teams to help businesses leverage technology to drive innovation, adopt sustainable and accessible business models, and digitally transform.

The event was chaired by Professor Ken Benoit, Director of the LSE Data Science Institute. The podcast recording of this event is now available.