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Paul Duetting award 200x200

June 2019: ACM SIGecom Best Full Paper Award

We are proud to announce that Paul Duetting, along with co-authors Jose Correa, Felix Fischer and Kevin Schewior, were awarded the ACM SIGecom Best Full Paper Award 2019! This was presented to them at EC’19, the 20th ACM Conference on Economics and Computation for their paper 'Prophet Inequalities for I.I.D. Random Variables from an Unknown Distribution'. Congratulations to everyone involved! 

Edin Award 200x200

June 2019: Best Student Paper Prize

Congratulations to Edin Husić, who received the Best Student Paper Award at WG 2019 Conference for the paper 'A polynomial-time algorithm for the independent set problem in {P_10,C_4,C_6}-free graphs'. This work was in collaboration with Martin Milanič.


June 2019: Vacancies for Class Teaching

We’re hiring! This year we have vacancies to join the class teaching teams for our large undergraduate mathematics courses. Please see the  full news item.

CC2019 Prizes

May 2019: PhD Poster Presentation Prize Winners

Congratulations to the PhD Poster Presentation prizewinners at the Colloquia in Combinatorics 2019!

1st Prize: Jan Corsten (LSE) 'Tiling edge-coloured graphs with few monochromatic tiles'

2nd Prize: Alberto Espuny Diaz (Birmingham) 'Resilient degree sequences with respect to hamiltonicity in random graphs'

Highly Commended: Akshat Mudgal (Bristol) 'Sums of linear transformations in higher dimensions'

Class Teachers 200x200

May 2019: LSE Class Teacher Awards

We are proud to announce that the winners of the LSE Class Teacher Awards this year from the Department are Siri Kouletsis, Asuka Kumon, Laurence O'Toole and Niccolo' Salvatori! Stan Kucera and Amedeo Sgueglia were also highly commended. Congratulations to all our fabulous class teachers!

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May 2019: Student-Led Teaching Excellence Awards

Congratulations to Jan van den Heuvel for being Highly Commended in the Inspirational Teaching category, and to James Ward for being Highly Commended in the Sharing Subject Knowledge category! Find out more about the awards here.

Winners2019 200x200

May 2019: Departmental New Teacher Prizes

Congratulations to David Kohan-Marzagao, Stan Kucera, Asuka Kumon, Danny Scarponi and Amedeo Sgueglia who were awarded the Departmental New Teacher Prize for 2019! These are awarded to recognise the achievements of those new to teaching in our Department.

Robin Wilson Stanton Medal March2019 200x200

March 2019: Stanton Medal

We would like to congratulate Professor Robin Wilson who was awarded the Stanton Medal by the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications. Despite knowing he had been awarded for over a year, Robin only received the medal last week during the 50th Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory & Computing (4-8 March). Congratulations Robin - it was worth the wait!


February 2019: Adams Prize 2018-19

We are delighted to announce that Dr Luitgard Veraart is the co-winner of the Adams Prize 2018-19 from the University of Cambridge! The prize is one of Cambridge's oldest and most prestigious prizes, named after mathematician John Couch Adams. Congratulations Luitgard! 


December 2018: Graduation - Class of 2018

As a Department, we want to congratulate all our students from our MSc Applicable Mathematics and MSc Operations Research & Analytics programmes who graduated yesterday afternoon! We are immensely proud of all of your achievements whilst you studied with us here at the LSE, and we wish you all the best in your futures!


December 2018: Academic Prize Winners

Ailsa Land Prize

This is the first year we are awarding the Ailsa Land prize for the best overall performance by a student on the MSc Operations Research & Analytics. Our first winner is Ruilan Wang. Congratulations! For more information on the prize and on Ailsa Land, please see here.

Haya Freedman Prize

Congratulations to our joint winners Canishk Naik and Anna Gautier for winning the Haya Freedman Prize. The prize is awarded annually for the best dissertation produced by a student on the MSc in Applicable Mathematics. More information on the prize can be found here.

Savvy Investor

December 2018: Savvy Investor Award

Congratulations to Johannes Ruf (et al) for being awarded runner-up for "Best Factor Investing Paper 2018" by Savvy Investor! To read the paper, see here.

You can find out more about the awards here.


November 2018: New Book!

Albina Danilova and Umut Çetin have published ‘Dynamic Markov Bridges and Market Microstructure: Theory and Applications’ with Springer. Congratulations!

You can find out more here.

Teaching Excellence

October 2018: Excellence in Education Awards

Congratulations to Peter AllenTugkan Batu, Christoph Czichowsky, Ioannis Kouletsis and Paul Duetting, who were recognised last night at the Excellence in Education Awards! Also a congratulations to Johannes Ruf and Konrad Swanepoel for their Teaching Promotion Awards. We are all very proud of you and for your contributions to the Department of Mathematics.

Peter and Julia square crop

July 2018: Fulkerson Prize

We are delighted to announce that Dr Peter Allen and Dr Julia Böttcher of the Department of Mathematics have been awarded the prestigious Delbert Ray Fulkerson Prize at the 2018 International Symposium on Mathematical Programming earlier this month. This was a result of their joint work with Simon Griffiths, Yoshiharu Kohayakawa and Robert Morris on the chromatic thresholds of graphs.

The prize in question is given to outstanding papers in discrete mathematics, and is sponsored jointly by the Mathematical Optimization Society and the American Mathematical Society. A huge congratulations to Peter and Julia, as well as their youngest child who also got to enjoy the spotlight!


July 2018: Robert Wilson Symposium & Honorary Degree Award

We are honoured to have had Robert Wilson (Stanford University) in our midst this week. Not only did he receive an honorary degree from LSE at yesterday’s graduation, he also had a symposium on Auctions and Computational Game Theory in his honour.

Congratulations Robert for your degree, and thank you to all those involved in the organisation and delivery of the symposium over the last two days!


July 2018: Graduation - Class of 2018

As a Department, we want to congratulate all our Mathematics students who graduated yesterday afternoon! We are immensely proud of all of your achievements whilst you studied with us here at the LSE, and we wish you all the best in your futures!

John Gibson Prize Square

July 2018: Citizenship Prize Winners

This is the first year that we have awarded the John Ying Wah Gibson Awards for Citizenship and Voluntary Work. These prizes are given to students from any programme run by the Department of Mathematics and students can either nominate themselves or their peers for the award.

The John Ying Wah Gibson Citizenship Prize goes to a student of good academic achievement who demonstrates strong service to society and the LSE community generally. This year our winner is Diego Skromne Carrasco, a final year BSc Mathematics and Economics student, who was nominated for dedicating his whole time at LSE to raising money for charity and generally contributing to the LSE community. He was a LSESU Raising and Giving committee member and is noted as a humble, generous and hardworking individual, who also excelled in his academic career. Well done Diego!

The John Ying Wah Gibson Voluntary Award is made to support Mathmatics student(s) pursing voluntary work aimed at making the world a better place. This year’s winner is Zhihong Zhang, a final year BSc Mathematics and Economics student, who was awarded for his volunteering work in Egypt over the summer. His project with the Alexandria Regional Centre for Women’s Health and Development revolved around eradicating gender inequality and tackling the key global issues he is passionate about. Well done to Zhihong!

TarekBo Wei

July 2018: Academic Prize Winners

Cyril Offord Prize

Congratulations to Tarek Chaaraoui (pictured), a BSc Mathematics with Economics student, who has been awarded the Cyril Offord Prize for Outstanding Performance in Mathematics. To find out more about Professor Cyril Offord, the first Professor of Mathematics at the LSE, please read his obituary. Details of the Prize can be read here.

Farr Prize

The Farr Prize is awarded to the best performer in final year examinations for a BSc student in the Department of Mathematics or Statistics. This year, we congratulate Bo Wei Ooi on their outstanding performance in their exam. More information on the Prize can be found here.

Wynne-Roberts Prizes

The Wynne-Roberts Prizes are awarded to both first and second year students who have achieved best performance in their mathematics courses.  The winner from our first year cohort is Harvey Bains – congratulations Harvey!

We have joint winners this year for best performance in second year mathematics courses. Congratulations to Xenia Dimitrakopoulou and Justin Tan! More information on the Prize can be found here.

Joseph Abraham Prize

The Joseph Abraham Prize, named after an MSc Financial Mathematics student who sadly died in 2015, is given to those on the same programme who have shown outstanding achievement in their studies on the MSc Financial Mathematics degree. This year our winner is Benjamin Auve – congratulations Ben! More information on the Prize can be found here.


May 2018: Celebrating our talented new teachers

Congratulations to the six winners of this year's Departmental Teaching Prizes! These are awarded to recognise the achievements of those new to teaching in our Department. 2017-18 winners are: Rowland Bennett, David Kohan Marzagão, Siri Kouletsis, Stan Kučera, Asuka Kumon and Niccolo' Salvatori.


May 2018: PhD Poster Presentation Prize winners

Congratulations to the PhD Poster Presentation prizewinners at the Colloquia in Combinatorics 2018.

1st prize: Attila Dankovics (LSE) 'Low Independence Number and Hamiltonicity Implies Pancyclicity'

2nd prize: Yanitsa Pehova (Warwick) 'Decomposing Graphs into Edges and Triangles'

Highly Commended: Alberto Espuny Diaz (Birmingham) 'Edge Correlations in Random Regular Hypergraphs and Applications to Subgraph Testing'

The judging panel comprised a number of the event's speakers.


May 2018: Prize-winning teaching in the Department!

We mark the success of staff in the Department in winning teaching prizes this year. Konrad Swanepoel and Johannes Ruf won promotion teaching prizes. James Ward is Runner-up in the Student-Led Teaching Excellence Awards in the category Sharing Subject Knowledge. Winners of Class teacher awards this year are Siri Kouletsis, Niccolo’ Salvatori, and Tony Whelan, with George Zouros and Laurence O’Toole Highly Commended. The class teacher awards were presented on 9 May at an event at LSE Students' Union. Congratulations to all of our winners!


April 2018: Congratulations to Professor Young

We are delighted to share the news that our Centennial Professor H. Peyton Young has been elected as member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Peyton has been a Visiting Professor in the Department since 2015 and makes a valued contribution to the academic life of the Department, through our seminar and public lecture series.


March 2018: ICA Medal awarded to Robin Wilson

Our Visiting Professor, Robin Wilson, has been awarded the 2017 Stanton Medal, awarded every two years by the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications for outreach activities in combinatorial mathematics.  Information about the ICA medals can be found on the ICA web page:

Dr Robin Wilson has, for fifty years, been an outstanding ambassador for graph theory to the general public. He has lectured widely (giving some 1500 public lectures), and extended the reach of his lectures through television, radio, and videotape. He has also published extensively (authoring or editing some 40 books) on combinatorial ideas, written in a style that is engaging and accessible. He has provided direction, encouragement, and support to colleagues and students at all levels.  His superb talents at conveying the beauty of graph-theoretic ideas, and inviting his readers and listeners to join in, have enthused many students, teachers, and researchers. Professor Wilson’s advocacy and outreach for combinatorics continue to yield many positive impacts that are enjoyed by researchers and non-specialists alike

Past news and events Academic Year 2017-18

December 2017

Prizes Dec - 200

December 2017: Prizewinners

We are pleased to announce the initiation of a new PhD prize in Mathematics: The Department of Mathematics’ PhD Prize for Outstanding Academic Performance.

This year, we have made our awards retrospectively, covering the time period September 2014 to October 2017 and awards have been made to Matthew Jennsen (Discrete Mathematics, graduated 2017), Barnaby Roberts (Discrete Mathematics, graduated 2017) and Yavor Stoev (Financial Mathematics, graduated 2015).  Congratulations to them all!

In addition, Martin Antonov has be awarded the Haya Freedman Prize for the Best MSc Dissertation 2016/7. Excellent work Martin!

More information can be found here.


Graduation 2017- 200

December 2017: Winter Graduation Ceremony

What better way to celebrate the end of the year than with our MSc and PhD graduation ceremony?  We all had a wonderful day, sharing memories, applauding achievements and looking forward to our graduates' futures. You all deserve so much - good luck and stay in touch by registering with LSE Alumni!

LSE - 200

December 2017: Our New Website

We are very excited to launch our new departmental website. We've streamlined the page-flow and added lots of new content for prospective and current students, as well as those interested in our research topics. We hope you enjoy taking a look around!


November 2017


November 2017: Congratulations to Drs Ewan Davies and Daniel Quiroz!

We are thrilled for Ewan and Daniel on their fantastic achievements and embrace them into the Department of Mathematics' alumni family!  We're so happy for you to have been awarded your PhDs in Mathematics. 

For details of their thesis titles and to view the ever-growing list of PhD alumni of the department, please view our PhD "Roll of Honour".  


Public Lecture: Game Theory Through the Computational Lens

Date: Thursday 30 November 2017
Speaker: Prof Tim Roughgarden
Chair:  Martin Anthony

Tim Roughgarden is a Professor in the Computer Science and (by courtesy) Management Science and Engineering Departments, Stanford University, as well as a Visiting Professor in the Department of Mathematics.

The fields of computer science and game theory both trace their roots to the first half of the 20th century, with the work of Turing, von Neumann, Nash, and others.  Fast forwarding to the present, there are now many fruitful points of contact between these two fields.  Game theory plays an important role in 21st-century computer science applications, ranging from social networks to routing in the Internet.  The flow of ideas also travels in the other direction, with computer science offering a number of tools to reason about economic problems in novel ways. For example, computational complexity theory sheds new light on the “bounded rationality” of decision-makers. Approximation guarantees, originally developed to analyse fast heuristic algorithms, can be usefully applied to Nash equilibria. Computationally efficient algorithms are an essential ingredient to modern, large-scale auction designs.  In this lecture, Tim Roughgarden will survey the key ideas behind these connections and their implications.

More information on this event is available here, along with a podcast and video recording.


October 2017


October 2017: ERC Grant Award

Dr László Végh, Associate Professor of Mathematics at LSE, has been awarded a starting grant from the European Research Council for a project entitled  ‘Scaling Methods for Discrete and Continuous Optimization’. There are currently two opportunities to join this project:

1. A Research Officer post (equivalent to a postdoc position), available for 1 year with possible extensions. The closing date for applications is 8 December 2017 (23.59 UK time) and the starting date is flexible.

2. A number of PhD positions.  Interested applicants should contact László directly before submitting an application to the LSE PhD system. Please visit our departmental PhD application website for further guidance. The application deadline for positions in this project is 28 February 2018, but early application is encouraged.


October 2017: Women in Mathematics Seminar. Speaker: Dr Eugénie Hunsicker

Further details about the speaker can be found here.

October 2017: Mathematics Careers Evening

Our annual Mathematics Careers Evening was a great success, well attended by both undergraduates and postgraduates.  The event provided the perfect opportunity for students to discover just what they can do with their Mathematics degree by networking with our recent graduate alumni. It's so inspiring to hear how alumni are progressing and the aspirations our current students have!  We're grateful to our colleagues in LSE Careers who co-organised the event.

September 2017


September 2017: Congratulations to Dr Barnaby Roberts

It's the start of term for most of us but for some, it's the end of an era...  Dr Barnaby Roberts has been awarded his PhD in Mathematics, with his thesis entitled "Structure and randomness in external combinatorics". Welcome to the Department of Mathematics' alumni family and congratulations on all your hard work. We wish you every success in your new venture!




News items from previous years are in the news archive.


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