don crystals 2000

Knowledge, Culture and Technology

This cluster starts from the analytical, methodological and political recognition that meaning and materiality are co-constituting in their organisation and performance. Within this perspective, members of the cluster share concerns with: bodies in relations (gendered, raced, [dis]abled, reproduced, dead, ageing, human and other than human); material cultures and practices of everyday life (technological mediations, science, design, media and representation); and the politics of (gendered, racialised, expert, everyday, embodied, emplaced, intimate and globally circulating) knowledges. Amongst these topics, current activities in the cluster address such strategic concerns as death and the life course, the dead body, material and political cultures of care, health and disability, scientific knowledge, varieties of expertise, design and other logics for producing material futures. The cluster shares a commitment to methodological creativity, particularly in generating new modes of engaging and co-producing knowledge with non-academic collaborators; and a background in broadly ethnographic traditions. 


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