The 4th year PPE Applications course gives PPE students the chance to learn how to integrate and apply the politics, philosophy, and economics skills they have learned over the past 3-4 years. Each week the students think about a real world political issue wherein matters of justice or social philosophy, political institutional arrangement, and economic rewards or incentives are intertwined. Examples include: How should we protect our privacy online? How should the international community respond to refugees? And what is the role of guidance or management by scientific experts in a democratic society? The students have a lecture and a number of core readings introducing each topic, but the real meat of the course comes through the extensive peer discussion students then engage in. Both through an online forum associated with the course and also in seminar group discussions, the students must tackle these complex and sensitive topics by bringing to bear the full range of the expertise their education has provided them with.

The below group presentations by our 2020/21 cohort display the virtues of bringing an interdisciplinary approach to bear on real world issues in an exemplary way. The best essays produced for this course are also published in our very own open access journal Studies in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.


PH341 – The case for mammograms from 40–49


PH341 – Why India should not institute an inheritance tax


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