The 4th year PPE Capstone project is dedicated to tackling a practical policy issue or problem relevant to an external client organisation. Working in small teams under the supervision of a faculty member, students have a unique opportunity to combine and deploy their knowledge and skills to address real-life policy needs. Capstone clients may include public sector bodies, private companies, international organisations, think tanks and NGOs. The project is carried out over an intensive 11-week period that culminates in a presentation and the submission of a written report to the client.

In these videos two of the 2020/21 teams speak about their experiences carrying out their projects. You can also find a full list of the 2020/21 Capstone projects below.

GV342M – Afrobarometer


GV342M – World Bank


2020/21 Capstone projects

Project for Afrobarometer: Exploring social desirability bias to strengthen Afrobarometer methodology

Team Members: Loubna Marfouk, Martin Sarvaš, Jack Wippell, Jintao Zhu


Project for the Better Regulation Executive: Making the UK the best place in the world to start and grow a business

Team Members: Ishan Kaushal, Lily Li, Yichen Ma, Daniel Marshall


Project for the Electoral Reform Society: Effective implementation of votes at 16

Team Members: Ho Sun Chung, Aran Banerjee, Sarah Quinn, Daigan Reid


Project for Global Witness: Decarbonising gas and “blue” hydrogen

Team Members: Jamie Boucher, Nicolas Feil, Kirsten McNally, Inka Pearson, Nina Soszynska


Project for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD): Machinery of Government in OECD Countries

Team Members: Camille Cazaubieilh, Maurice Hirt, Augustine Pellissier, Madushvi Sooriyakumar, Sofia Syrma


Project for Principia Advisory

Team Members: Jack Choi, Cerelie Doyle, Iasonas Pafitis, Zakaria Shafi


Project for The Nature Conservancy: Identifying sustainable mass timber markets

Team Members: Keshav Arvind, Cameron Hardman, Annette Nguyen, Andreas Snekloth-Kongsgaard


Project for the World Bank: Regulatory governance and the ‘doing business’ indicator

Team Members: Max Marian, Thalia Marot-Achillas Achillopulo, Rafae Qazi, Sumer Singh, Bruce Wu


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