At the very end of their degree, final year PPE students get the chance to conduct their own individual research project on a PPE topic of their own choosing. Students work independently, but benefit from guidance by a faculty supervisor, as well as peer feedback. The project culminates in the production of an academic paper, and a poster presentation of the students’ research, giving them a real flavour of the process of academic research.

Selection of the 2023 individual research projects

Max Schachermayer Is there a Political Monetary Policy Cycle? FOMC Appointments and Dissent Patterns
Ming Jun Goh Development Expenditure and Development: A Study on Impacts of Malaysian State’s DE on Social Welfare
Shayonabh Moitra Plato’s ideal ruler: How far does Plato’s conception of a philosopher king lead us towards a good dictatorship?
Keshavan Saravanamuttu Has gulf state “sportswashing” succeeded in the United Kingdom? A case study analysis of the Saudi Arabian takeover of Newcastle United and the 2022 FIFA World Cup
Panhaboth Kun Distributing Scholarship Funds: A Theoretical Analysis
Sami Petersen Self-Regulated AI Deployment: A Game Theoretic Analysis of Voluntary Capability Evaluations
Edmund Kong Malaysian monarchies as veto-players, agenda-setters and king-makers in Malaysian politics
Sarim Ali
Britcoin vs Bitcoin: Assessing the Development of Central Bank Digital Currencies as a Modern Form of Hobbes’ Leviathan and the Opposition of Cryptocurrency Libertarians
Giulia Piller Why are we morally obliged to grant sex workers labour rights and how does the radical feminists’ discourse oppose that imperative?
Mike Salem
On Political Sovereignty: Parliamentary Struggles Against the Executive. Examining how political parties altered the dynamics of political sovereugnty in British Political History
Basile Candelon Green National Accounts: The Challenges to Introducing an ‘Improved’ GDP
Jocelyn Tsang The Pakistan Women’s Parliamentary Caucus: Their role and prospects in a hostile environment
Yasmeen Hamade The Nature of Causation: Causality and counterfactuals
Namrata Menon Policy for Participation: solving India’s gendered labour force puzzle
Maeve Tebbutt Free Speech or Hate Speech: an Account of Penal Populist Discourse in Norway
Pablo González-Meneses The National Question in Revolutionary Thinking: An Analysis of ETA’s Ideology.
Sami Iqbal Beyond Sportswashing: Gulf States Use Of Football As A Form Of Regime Legitimation
June Woo Is the Singapore government’s decision to safeguard heterosexual marriage in the Constitution aligned with democratic ideals?
Jessy Yang A Marriage of Convenience: Media and the Monarchy
Rachel Guo The Self-regarding Duty to Resist Authoritarianism
Thomas Chau Do Exams Kill Creativity? The Effects of High-Stakes Tests on Student Career Expectations in Europe


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