At the very end of their degree, final year PPE students get the chance to conduct their own individual research project on a PPE topic of their own choosing. Students work independently, but benefit from guidance by a faculty supervisor, as well as peer feedback. The project culminates in the production of an academic paper, and a poster presentation of the students’ research, giving them a real flavour of the process of academic research.

Selection of the 2022 individual research projects

  • Chloe Blyth: “The ‘Nickel Doctrine’: The role of nickel mining in fuelling the desire for New Caledonian independence.”
  • Efe Erciyaz: “Just War Theory and Occupation: The Case of Turkey and Northern Cyprus”
  • Mark Fernandes: “Considerations on a Life Well-Lived: Assessing Philosophies of Wellbeing and the Associated Economic and Political Consequences of the Appropriate View.”
  • Lucius Graf Maltzan: “A critical reappraisal of Popper’s wayward disciple Paul K. Feyerabend”
  • Ahaan Gupta: “W​hy was the demonitisation in india an objective failure in completing its goals?”
  • Marianne Zhiying Hii: “Is donating surplus food a solution to food insecurity in the US?”
  • Elen Iorwerth: “SNP success and Plaid Cymru frustration: why the Labour Party’s electoral success may have an effect on the fortunes of the ‘national parties’ in post-devolution Scotland and Wales”
  • Yuanxi Jia: “Enemy Behind the Screen: How Novel Military Technology Revise Ethics in Asymmetrical Warfare”
  • Cong Minh Nguyen: “Towards the direct involvement of patients in the exchange of healthcare data between the NHS and third parties: a game-theoretic approach”
  • Mohamed Omar: “Is the crypto-anarchist and techno-libertarian perspective that permissionless blockchain technology can decentralise government services feasible?”
  • Jai Patel: “Must Democracy Die for us to Live? : The risks of tackling existential risks”
  • Karl Piotrowicz: “Peer Disagreement in Reality”
  • Isabelle Sabeva: “The economic impacts of central bank digital currencies”
  • Vithushan Sivanathan: “Should the international community introduce a pre-emptive ban on fully autonomous weapons?”
  • Adarsh Vani: “Why democratic decentralisation has failed to improve economic outcomes for marginalised communities in urban India?”
  • Shunsuke Yamamoto: “Japan and Singapore, Comparative Analysis of Immigration as Antidote for Japanification; Does immigration alleviate a secular stagnation driven by an ageing demographic?”
  • Katrina Yiwen Zhang: “Changing electoral regimes: from Italy to New Zealand”
  • Zesheng Zheng: “How does degree of bureaucracy impact pandemic policy making – A case study in China”


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