The MSc in Philosophy and History of Science course provided me with an excellent grounding in many key areas of philosophy of science. The core course, Philosophy of Science and Scientific Method, gave an overview of central topics in the field, while the paper in the Philosophical Foundations of Physics began with an introduction to this area before addressing current debates on Quantum Information Theory and Quantum Field Theory. A third paper, Special Topics in the Philosophy of Science, allowed me to take a more in-depth look at a particular area of philosophy of science, scientific modelling. I was able to pursue this topic in greater depth in my dissertation for the MSc and this later became the basis for my PhD research at Cambridge. Throughout the MSc course, the lectures provided a clear structure for study. Just as important, however, were the accompanying seminars, which allow you to develop your skills in philosophical analysis through debating questions raised in the lectures with fellow students, and staff ‘office hours’, which provided regular opportunities to discuss work with members of the department.