Currently, I am a PhD student at the European School of Molecular Medicine in Milan. I consider the experience I had at the Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method as the building block of my personality and of my philosophical formation.

Studying philosophy at LSE was an exciting experience. As a Master student you are involved in an engaging philosophical environment to which you are expected to actively contribute. What makes LSE different from other universities is that at LSE you are not simply supposed to learn things. Rather, you are encouraged to do things with what you learn. Friendly tutors who are experts in their field guide you through the departmental activities, from lectures to seminars, and help you to take advantage of them.

The year I spent at LSE as a MSc student in Philosophy and History of Science was very important for my development. In particular, I consider the seminars as the best opportunity I had to improve my philosophical skills as well as my personal attitudes. Thanks to my tutors and to the discussions we had in class, I have acquired not only a sound knowledge of the general issues in the philosophy of science, but also, and most importantly, the ability to handle debates, to analyze papers and to make consistent arguments. These experiences have greatly supported me and my career.