LSE’s MSc programme in the Philosophy & History of Science was a breath of fresh air after three years of undergraduate mathematics. The class came together from a remarkably diverse range of backgrounds — academically, socially and culturally — which made for some fascinating and at times passionate discussions. Ever wondered what you get if you put a Canadian physicist, a German economist and an Indian computer scientist in the same room? At the Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, you have a good chance of finding out.

The faculty staff, many of whom are highly renowned in their fields, were without exception friendly, approachable and enthusiastic. The courses that I chose were well taught, and I especially enjoyed delving further into probability and confirmation theory for my dissertation.

Although I have decided to pursue a career outside of academia, the skills and knowledge that I gained during the MSc have proved genuinely valuable. I have a better grasp of the conceptual issues behind topics ranging from creationism to global warming, the latter bearing particular relevance to my current work as a management consultant in energy and the environment.