I arrived at the LSE with a degree in mathematics but no formal training in philosophy. The tight curriculum of the MSc in Philosophy and History of Science enabled me to learn in a very short time about the current debates in the philosophy of science and put me in an excellent starting position for PhD work in philosophy. In addition, the ability to choose my courses allowed me to focus on the topics of my personal interest right from the start.

What makes the LSE philosophy department special is not only that all lecturers are experts in their diverse fields but that they all pursue their research via the methodology of analytic philosophy. This creates a sense of an academic community that makes the department a great place for study and research.

As an LSE philosophy student you are also part of a wider philosophy community in London. So you not only benefit from the many guest lectures taking place in the LSE philosophy department, but you can also take advantage of the large number of philosophy events all over London.

My positive experience during the MSc led to my decision to continue with graduate work in philosophy. The philosophy department’s expertise in the philosophy of science made me choose the LSE for my PhD.