MSc Alumni in Economics & Philosophy

Pujan Modi (2015–2016)

6 March 2017|

The MSc in Economics & Philosophy is the perfect degree for anyone interested in a more complete education in economics, which should investigate both the philosophical underpinnings and quantitative rigour of the subject. I was particularly impressed with how relevant the philosophy courses were to my understanding of economics. The programme and courses are designed to draw on the […]

Clarissa Kayser (2014–2015)

14 December 2015|

The MSc Economics & Philosophy programme strikes the perfect balance between quantitative analysis and philosophical argument. By requiring the participation in two economics courses together with the MSc Economics students, and in two philosophy courses together with the other MSc Philosophy students, it provides a truly interdisciplinary curriculum. I really felt I got to enjoy the best of both […]

James Snowden (2014–2015)

9 December 2015|

The MSC Economics & Philosophy is a truly interdisciplinary graduate programme. There is an impressive range of philosophy courses to choose from, most with some relevance to economics and the social sciences, and the economics courses are shared with the MSc Economics programme. As well as your chosen courses, there is also a weekly seminar just for the programme […]

Udit Ranjan (2013–2014)

25 November 2014|

The MSc Economics and Philosophy programme is an unparalleled course offering at the LSE. The course comprises two full-unit subjects from the Economics department, which provide a mathematical and methodological insight into core topics in economic theory.

The highlight of the programme is the philosophy counterpart, wherein the programme’s approach and the skills one develops differ significantly from those in […]

Leah Downey (2013–2014)

24 November 2014|

My time as an MSc student in Economics and Philosophy at the LSE was enlightening—it was an integral step for me towards making the decision to apply to PhD programmes in Political Theory. I came into the MSc programme with a background in Mathematics and Economics and an interest in Philosophy. The synthesis of these topics into one […]

Célia Zermatten (2013–2014)

24 November 2014|

After having a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance, choosing the MSc Economics and Philosophy was the impossible to miss opportunity to answer fundamental questions I accumulated during my previous studies (What are the links between morality and markets? Should “everything” be sold? Does it matter that economic models have false assumptions?) while at the same time deepening […]

Joseph Seydl (2012–2013)

29 September 2013|

The MSc in Economics and Philosophy changed the way I think about economics, making me a more rigorous and inquisitive researcher. Prior to attending LSE, I had thought of economics as a progressive science, where mathematical models can be used to accurately describe phenomena in the same way they are routinely used in physics or chemistry. I still think […]

Shaista Amod (2012–2013)

29 September 2013|

I found the MSc Economics and Philosophy degree incredibly challenging, but I firmly believe it was the best choice of degree for me. I learned so much from balancing my quantitative skills with the depth of abstract thought involved in philosophical subjects. Most of all, I was proud of the process of writing my thesis, in which I really […]

Ying Shi (2010–2011)

29 September 2011|

As an applicant, I had no trouble picking out the MSc in Economics and Philosophy program from LSE’s tome of a course catalogue. It seemed like the ideal balance of economic rigor combined with normative inquiry.  I was finishing up three years in the private sector, and wanted an interdisciplinary academic environment without the full commitment of […]

Blake Heller (2010–2011)

29 September 2011|

Blake Heller works as a research analyst at the Education Innovation Laboratory at Harvard University. He writes: “The MSc Economics and Philosophy programme was pivotal in helping me develop the quantitative and analytical skill sets I needed to succeed as an applied researcher. In my current work, I use the econometric knowledge I gained at LSE daily. […]