I found the MSc Economics and Philosophy degree incredibly challenging, but I firmly believe it was the best choice of degree for me. I learned so much from balancing my quantitative skills with the depth of abstract thought involved in philosophical subjects. Most of all, I was proud of the process of writing my thesis, in which I really felt as though I could apply my knowledge in a way that coherently integrated economic and philosophical theories.

I really appreciated the flexibility of the degree. I know that the quality of education at LSE is excellent across faculties, but I felt that in order to justify the high cost of studying abroad, I wanted to develop skills in a way not offered at home (in South Africa). I do believe that my degree equipped me with unique capabilities.

I am currently working in the Research Department at the South African Reserve Bank, and, honestly, a pure economics degree (including a Macro course) would have been very useful for the work I do. However, I believe the inter-disciplinary nature of this degree prepared me better for a long-term career path, because the philosophy subjects taught me so much about how to think and to write. Those skills are invaluable and, I believe, are deeply underestimated until one begins producing outputs. Also, I think the degree exposed me to a broad range of topics outside the pure economics field, but which are useful in informing my research.

Finally, I consider the LSE environment itself a unique opportunity, in terms of the brilliant people (classmates, friends and lecturers) to which I was exposed, and the learning environment and support. It was a wonderful year that changed my life and character for the better.